McDonald New Salted Egg Yolk Burger, Banana pie?? and more review

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Bo Jio – To not invite one to an activity. ‘Jio’ is also the short form for banana in Hokkien (‘kim jio’). Try the banana pie today – everyone’s invited! – by the way bo jio is also no banana (if you understand what I mean). 

I have been super duper uber busy the past few days which explains why I haven’t been blogging. No actually my last post is on 28th June. Yes I’m addicted to blogging now. I aim to blog everyday… Yesterday I went for the six exits game at Funan IT mall and it was so fun! A very good way to destress with so much things happening this month. I am working on my taiwan travel post because it’s getting annoying to see the draft stucking there since forever and I finally work on it! Intend to publish one of those tomorrow BUT after I got to know that Mcdonald is launching the SALTED EGG YOLK BURGER today I know I have to push back my taiwan post and write about this first. :p:p your girl is following the trend yo!

The new items on Mcdonald’s menu are as follow:

  • Salted Egg Yolk Burger
  • Twist & Shaker Fries with Salt & Pepper Crab flavoured Shaker
  • Gula Melaka McFlurry with Layer Cake Bites
  • AND Banana Pie

I tried all except the Gula Melaka McFlurry because I’m not so sure if it will be tasty after a heavy meal.

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From the left, I have Simon’s salted egg yolk burger in a beef and mushroom deluxe box, the ‘twister fries’ and banana pie. (I ordered happy meal and got a yo-kai watch)

Salted egg yolk burger

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Before trying this, I already checked with my colleagues to know if this is nice anot. Apparently the reviews weren’t that good. Daphy said the chicken was good but without the salted egg taste and vi said that it’s not nice. Nevertheless I still went ahead to try it because it’s salted egg chicken!

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You know when I heard about salted egg yolk chicken burger, I just had this super high expectation that it will be damn good! I think it’s because of the salted egg yolk chicken from Hong Kong Kitchen (Wilkie Edge) that leads me to think that all salted egg will taste the same.

I think good salted egg usually will have a very delicious smell. Well I love smelling food and I am very sensitive to the smell of food so when I lift the bun up and I smell nothing, I know immediately that this is not what I want.

Visually acceptable with the thick yellow sauce and curry leaves but when you bite into it, it doesn’t have any salted egg taste at all. It actually tasted sweet in OUR opinion and it was quite disappointing. Other than that the chicken was actually good, it was juicy and nice but I’m sorry to say that it reminds me of Mcspicy but not spicy.

Really got me thinking how they make the sauce?

Next – Twist & Shaker Fries with Salt & Pepper Crab flavoured Shaker
Isn’t this just twister fries?

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I do like the taste of this actually. cos i love MSG (oops!) The serving is very small sadly! Anyway Simon commented that he’s not sure if he likes this because it’s twister fries or because of the pepper crab MSG, but one thing he’s sure of is that he will definitely lose hair if he eats this often.

I think I have the same thoughts. I really dono if I liked it because it’s twister or because of the msg powder. But well it’s the same lah since I love all msg stuffs. :p

Lastly the Banana pie. 

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I actually don’t really like this. I think I prefer the original apple pie and the original goreng pisang. :/ We thought the banana taste artificial too.

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So question of the day is: was it worth the wait? 

I think it’s okay to try out new things la. just don’t be too surprised with the taste like what I’ve mentioned. I think this burger will work without the salted egg sauce too actually. Cos the chicken is really not too bad. HAHA.

So far I still love the classic burgers like mcspicy and double cheese burger and of course my mcnuggets and curry sauce!! Even if got maggots I will still continue loving curry sauce. :p

By the way I think it’s also a good time to finally share my thoughts on the angry bird red burger too lololololololol i totally didn’t blog about this.

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Cute box!

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It’s hotter than mcspicy but very shiok! And the egg was quite dry and tasteless I feel. The sauce doesn’t really blend in well with the coloured buns too. :/

If you ask me which one I prefer, the red burger or salted egg, I omg honestly don’t know.

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I wonder if mcdonald still have this burger?

Anyway have you guys tried the salted egg burger and what do you think of it? Do you prefer the old classic burgers like me?


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