[Travel] Taipei Day 3 Afternoon & Agnès B cafe Taipei 101

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Sorry about this I know I’m very late. Trying to clear my taiwan trip before my bali and japan trip but I think it’s quite impossible so let me show you my day 3 afternoon photos first!

After leaving our minsu from jiufen, we took a bus to Ruifang station.

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 photo DSC00483_zpstc7kwusk.jpg

Ask hubby to stand there and strike a pose so that I can have more pics of him. But he gave me a ‘i dun really care or i just wanna act cool’ look. lol!

 photo DSC00485_zpsgav5u0we.jpg

 photo DSC00486_zps7wp3ttmc.jpg

fancy prints on the trains!

 photo DSC00494_zps1qewcsae.jpg

vending machines at the platform. Had coffee as usual!

 photo DSC00503_zpsmy2oqki9.jpg

I have no idea how to translate this to english but yah. a can of kopi.

 photo DSC00506_zpschecuorz.jpg

actually took tons of photos of this coffee addict but I think it’s better not to post. HAHA.

 photo DSC00521_zpsu8xzvjx5.jpg

First thing first we need to check in and put down our luggage and bags. So we trained all the way to Taipei Main Station to look for our hotel! I realized taiwanese are really good at talking, we got stopped by a taiwanese girl on the way to our hotel and all the while for 45minutes she’s trying to get us to buy beauty products from her. I didn’t get anything by the way.

Soon we arrived at our hotel for the night which is CityInn Hotel! Ours is at Taipei station Branch I.

No. 7, Huaining St, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

 photo DSC00526_zpssi9slik1.jpg

I know it is very orangey here but the rooms were okay haha. that i will show in the next taiwan travel post!

Simon was looking for photography films, so we went to Hankou street to look for his films. This is the place where all the photographers come to get their stuffs?

 photo DSC00528_zpslpw0acxp.jpg

The streets.

 photo DSC00534_zpsvsxeisqu.jpg

hongkong feel strong?

 photo DSC00535_zpsctmnsapw.jpg

 photo DSC00536_zps3luz7n4z.jpg

Really neat. oddly satisfying to see this. haha.

 photo DSC00538_zpszzfwxyf5.jpg

 photo DSC00540_zpsfmccmycy.jpg

crossing the road and spot this cute girl! can’t help but to take a pic of her. 😀

 photo DSC00543_zpsv2eheleq.jpg

 photo DSC00545_zpsjpxnp2hp.jpg

and all the camera brands here! For the past 6years Simon has changed his camera from panasonic to pentax to canon to sony. Always changing.. always..

I’m not sure if the films there are cheaper anot but after getting like 2boxes of the kodak portra films, we walked back and saw this cute uncle selling red bean pancakes 红豆饼!

 photo DSC00547_zpsncwve1sc.jpg

He also sells custard pancakes!

 photo DSC00549_zpsj8ljvzkd.jpg

 photo DSC00550_zpsilhjdf5z.jpg

bought one custard and one red bean pancake from him!

 photo DSC00551_zpsamosza5h.jpg

Crispy on the outside ..

 photo DSC00552_zpsdftwrvkp.jpg

 photo DSC00554_zpshnijt6cm.jpg

and super yummy red beans inside! I hope the uncle will be there forever because the next time I go back I want to have this pancake again!

While we were enjoying our pancakes, we saw this weird guy stretching his legs so I thought I should take a photo of him lol.

 photo DSC00555_zpsddqgod3s.jpg

 photo DSC00557_zpscvzblnet.jpg

another shot of the red bean again for you. :p didn’t post the custard one because me no like nai you!

After that we just walked around, and take more pictures of the surroundings.

 photo DSC00561_zpspjleg1rq.jpg

 photo DSC00563_zps89alaxdp.jpg

next we went back to the Underground mall at the taipei main station and got us a 蔥抓餅!

 photo DSC00564_zpsysle2s2i.jpg

this is Simon’s favourite snack! It’s quite fun looking at them making the spring onion pancakes. I also love this snack because it’s fluffy and yummy!

 photo DSC00565_zpswk4qlkl8.jpg

 photo DSC00566_zpss3v4nkkt.jpg

can’t remember if we got the beef with egg or pork with egg but it was super shiok!

 photo DSC00568_zpskcdcahsl.jpg

After this we went to Taipei 101!

 photo DSC00572_zpsfw2aoa7h.jpg

mandatory shot! Initial plan was to go to starbucks at Taipei 101 but the security guard informed us that we need to have a reservation there. We wasn’t aware of this (didn’t research enough) and end up ordering a 滷肉飯 meal to share at the food court.

When you are in overseas, everything just taste better.

 photo DSC00576_zpszzntntum.jpg

then we finally hop on to Agnes B Cafe!

 photo DSC00579_zpsf5l1dhvm.jpg

 photo DSC00580_zpsr7uw0cqv.jpg

 photo DSC00581_zpsaxuqxdov.jpg

 photo DSC00588_zpssqmqrr7r.jpg

ordered a dessert, rose latte and flat white.

 photo DSC00590_zps6ljyhrbo.jpg

the rose latte was pretty standard but i love the cake!

 photo DSC00591_zpstflompgm.jpg

Mr Simon looks kinda happy with his flat white BUT i remembered it wasn’t that good. don’t know what is he trying to figure out also..

 photo DSC00592_zpsnsyjuw1c.jpg

 photo DSC00593_zpsheop9mbw.jpg

but he still finish it. lol! 

Alright I am ending the post here and share more about the hotel we stayed, Ximending and the food we ate over there in the next travel related post. I missed cold weather and mountains! Can’t wait for my cooling Australia trip!

Till the next post then! Add me on snapchat – claireaudreylim! 😀


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