Channel 8 9pm drama: The Dream Job 绝世好工

New drama today – The Dream Job 绝世好工. If only I could in my opinion is a very depressing drama, I don’t know why the ending has to be like that. T.T

Anyway today is the first episode of the dream job, and I thought it’s quite lame and stupid. Something like that will never happen in the real world. I think the lamest part is when romeo did all those things to jeanette aw and ask for a breakup without a valid reason WHEN he clearly still loves her. -.- I mean who in this world will ruin the gf’s reputation and career just because a lawyer (shaun chen) approached him to do so?

And all these are being done because Shaun wants jeanette to go for the audition to be the rich man’s daughter. For the plot, check out here:

I didn’t really notice about Ian’s part but I think he is an actor or some sort? Rebecca Lim is a nurse in the show where Dr Ho (Jeffrey xu) is interested in her. Actually this part I quite confused too.. The rich man wants rebecca lim to be the daughter or Dr Ho to be the son? Because shaun wants rebecca to psycho Dr Ho, but Dr Ho didn’t end up being the rich man’s son. okay i know this is confusing but yea.. only if you watch then you will understand. 

It’s quite nice to see romeo appearing on screen with jeanette aw but seems like he’s not the main lead in this drama. And yes Rebecca and ian fang are working together again. Wonder if there will be any new rumours. By the way The Dream Job 绝世好工 is apparently the mid year blockbuster for 2016 so i’m definitely expecting more!

Till the next update then!

Update: 29th July

Hey guys, I’m sorry for not updating. I travelled to bali and japan and had to clear alot of things this month which resulted in not following the tv show anymore. So far how’s the show? I hope you can talk to me about the show I would really love hearing it from you! 🙂 email me and let’s talk!