Gu THAI Noodle Cafe at Pomo 古泰 – $1.90 boat noodle

After going to Gu Thai Noodle, I decided that I will at least visit a cafe or restaurant twice before posting a review. (nah I’m just kidding!)

Anyway I went there 2 times, first on the opening day and the second after like a few weeks or so. I don’t really eat thai food by the way if you realized.. It’s not that I don’t like hor but Simon don’t really eat thai food. :O

I recommend people who like spicy food, who are on a diet, who are on a budget or everything that I have mentioned to visit Gu Thai because you can eat their small boat noodle at $1.90 or add alot of spices to your normal bowl and create your own world’s famous spicy beef kway teow. Trust me I did that, and it was not fun. LOL! 

Okay so if you are at Pomo, then you will definitely spot them. It is just beside Ya Kun Kaya toast.

 photo IMG_0057_zpskwctfuw0.jpg

I like the whole setup of the cafe, very oriental, very old school. Sometimes I get bored of trendy and modern places and this kind of set up made me feel like I’m being teleported to another world and time.

 photo IMG_0056_zpsjl8knbmn.jpg

On every table there are 4 jars of spices/seasonings for you to add on to your food.

 photo IMG_0055_zps875myf3a.jpg

This is the very powerful spice. The ingredient that will transform your noodle.

 photo IMG_0054_zpsfytmjjpn.jpg

I have no idea what is this.. some chilli oil?

 photo IMG_0053_zpsxb3j3nfj.jpg

Another kind of sauce/seasoning.

 photo IMG_0050_zpszlscq0x2.jpg

I didn’t take this so I’m not sure if it’s sugar or salt.

 photo IMG_0051_zpsc4ft57dy.jpg

And here are some shots of the menu. Thought you might want to have a look!

 photo IMG_0049_zpsyjeqkrcx.jpg

All the rice dishes..

 photo IMG_0052_zpsnmgxjf06.jpg

You can choose the level of spiciness for your noodles! or just ask for non spicy and add the spices yourself. The waitress told us our order will be faster if we add in ourselves.

 photo IMG_0045_zpsom4cocrw.jpg

Desserts.. wondering why they classified all the savoury and meaty dishes under desserts.. shouldn’t it be appetizers or side dishes?

We were craving for the mango sticky rice but for the portion we thought it’s abit pricey at $12.

 photo IMG_0048_zpstzbiyz9c.jpg

 photo IMG_0046_zps5pty2gdn.jpg

The first time I went they asked me for my choice of noodles.. The 2nd time they didn’t ask at all. lol. I usually choose either kuey tiao or rice noodle. Anyway if you’re up for it you can even order the seafood combo!

Next I’m finally sharing what I had/we had on both occasions!

 photo IMG_0044_zpstgmcaww5.jpg

If I am not wrong, this is Jiaxin’s braised beef tendon noodles. (kuey tiao)

 photo IMG_0047_zpswsqpuhdq.jpg

My boat noodle beef (kuey tiao!) The 1st time I asked for less spicy!

 photo IMG_0043_zpsskw5qoeq.jpg

close up of my meat and kuey tiao! Love that they give us quite abit of vegetables.

 photo IMG_0042_zpsxssaozhj.jpg

The meat were better and well cooked on my first visit as compared to the second when both me and mitsueki thought it was quite tough. :/

 photo IMG_0040_zps8ccuo4kg.jpg

Pinky ordered the beef boat too but she asked for normal spiciness. And it turns out really spicy. I suggest you ordered the non spicy one and add in the spice yourself to the level of spiciness you desired. Since they are adding the same spice anyway.

The 2nd time we went with jaq, vivi, daphy and cheeshong! Chee Shong ordered basil rice but I didn’t take a photo of it.

I had the same beef boat again! And daphy ordered the mini boat noodle at $1.90! So small and cute LOL!

 photo IMG_0039_zpslkneobyo.jpg

This time round they seemed to give lesser ‘liao’!! Why from veggies become spring onions ah?? I also asked for non spicy and add in the spice myself.

 photo IMG_0038_zpscgfduvfu.jpg

and my last photo of the day. Phad Thai. The best dish of the day I guess. Also a pity I haven’t try the drinks!

Overall I think the location is great, very nicely set up and cosy but I thought there was a lack of consistency in the food. I would be more happy with veggies than spring onions.. might drag simon there for the 3rd time since we are always having a headache as to what to eat for dinner. mm..

By the way yesterday colleagues and me went to Sixty6 to try out their Thai food too! Shall talk about it another day! =)

If you’re interested to try out the boat noodle (since it’s only $1.90!) then here’s the address:
Gu Thai Noodle Cafe
1 Selegie Road
#01-04 PoMo Mall
Singapore 188306
11am to 5am daily (good for all the dynasty classic ktv frequents!)

Unless you have my tongue, dont get influenced by my opinions.  its better that you try it out on your own. 🙂

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