Beyond Words《爱要怎么说》New drama, live blogging!

Another of Jayley Woo’s drama! I can’t believe revenge queen is going to end soon because this new drama is airing on 19th March. 🙁

I watched the sneak peeks from the TV and seems like Jayley will be pregnant with another man’s child. Quite exciting hor?

Let’s look forward to it. 😀 And of course I will be updating here again with some of my thoughts. 😀

17th March: 40mins into the show and I already sense that there will be alot of cheating in this show. If i’m not wrong, terence chao will cheat on his wife and be with paige chua.. then jayley will also sleep with another guy. But don’t you think that it’s kinda weird to see jayley and shane as a couple? I feel that the 2 of them looked too young to be husband and wife but WELL nowadays young couples are everywhere so I should probably shut my mouth. 😀

Actually I’m not feeling well today, I’m going to sleep already. Shall watch the show tomorrow and update this space again. hoping for a more exciting plot!! Goodnight!

18th March: Not very interested in tonight’s episode. was working out and watching @ the same time. Terence and wife went for holiday and I think terence’s main motive was to invest in the apartments there.. then during the holidays, he met pierre png and apparently they are not very happy with one another. Also I’m quite pissed off with jayley’s attitude in the show. very rude and very materialistic.

Can the exciting part come already? zzz.

21th March: Jayley’s attitude is like shit in the show. Need some motivation to continue watching this drama. ><

31st March: Sorry I didn’t update for so long.. I was waiting for the right moment to blog. So far I see that Kun ge is working with Miss Xu aka paige chua in Sabah because of jayley as she own alot of money because of law suit and etc.

Miss Xu is a ‘mistress’ of George and he has been taking care of her since she was at a young age. Pierre Png is a lawyer (who is paige’s elder bro), and now his assistant is tong bing yu which is known as ning in the show. I think Zhang Yao dong is ning’s ex and might appear later in the show. And Ning will end up with Pierre Png.

Paige might fall for Terence Cao (Kun ge) because they had been hanging out together and he is always there when she is down. Haiz… affairs again.

OH another fun plot in this drama is Kelly’s boyfriend slept with this rich woman because he was drunk, and now this woman is trying to get close to Kelly. She is quite irritating! Guys if you want to cheat, please don’t find this scheming kind lah. -_-

Jayley is playing with shares now and even lie to the mother in law to get money, most probably she will end up losing all.

Anyway I think Simon should tell Kelly everything so that she will know and try to forgive him. I will watch more and update this space again.

12th April: So Zhang yao dong isn’t ning’s ex bf but I think there’s a high possibility that he will fall for Ning. It’s also very obvious that Ning likes Leo and Leo probably likes her also but is trying to hide his feelings. Maybe he thought the one he always want is Kelly but he didn’t go and find out the real feelings for Ning. mmm.

Then this George is sort of like forcing Paige Chua to marry him, and I really don’t want to see Paige and Terence (lekun) together, the wife is so nice and sweet. :/

Jayley finally confess to the MIL that her baby might not be Andy’s one and not sure how the mil is going to do next. They went home after that and act like everything’s normal.. Skali her baby is really Andy’s one leh? But never come out you really dunno is whose one sia..

Kelly still haven’t forgive Simon yet, but I think she will eventually. I don’t really want her to be with Leo. oh yah i bth when leo acts like a wimp in front of kelly. omg seriously. his manliness in the show all gone when he’s with kelly.

Now I’m looking forward to Ning getting together with Leo and find out why Jayley go to jail (cos she tried to kill matt) and the ending of Vivian (Paige Chua) and Lekun.

Update 27th April: last episode for this drama and I think the ending is abit crap. I don’t mean to be mean but Le kun looks super funny at the ending when he was crying. lol! The face is like omg. And I kinda hate how much he wanted vivian initially, got family already still like that.

I thought Le ning will get together with Lixian (zhang yao dong) but she didn’t!! She end up with Leo and I don’t even know how they get together. It’s weird to see leo kissed her by the way.. I think she’s more compatible with Lixian.

Hannah died a wrongful death 🙁 and that Justin guy is really irritating and mad. And yes Kelly and Simon ends with a happy ending.

Overall this drama is abit ‘luan’. :/ I hope the truth seekers will impress me.

Thanks for reading! 🙂