[Travel] Hong Kong/Macau 3D2N with my GF: Hop Inn Hostel @ Hankow Rd, Roast Goose and Hello Kitty Cafe Hong Kong!

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Although I can’t remember the details of this trip, I still want to blog about it because it’s my first ever trip with a girlfriend. This is more like a post for my own safekeeping, for you it’s more like food porn!

I think I mentioned we stayed at Hop Inn Hostel @ Hankow Road. Love this area, because it’s convenient, walking distance to the station and we got to know people from different countries!

 photo SAM_6531_zpsge6vbn8n.jpg

 photo SAM_6529_zpsblpgssya.jpg

 photo 2015-07-06 10.20.39_zpspwsa59gi.jpg

 photo SAM_6527_zpshlinyzjx.jpg

 photo SAM_6509_zpsx68dojck.jpg

 photo SAM_6507_zps8b7cjrrt.jpg

 photo SAM_6511_zpsor2wuxcv.jpg

we have cute goldfish room, that’s goldfish right?
Before checking in, we went to Tim Ho Wan, I think we waited for about 2hours? or 1.5?

 photo 2015-07-06 09.19.01_zpsns0ogwwz.jpg

Love the charsiew bao, we had 3 each cos we ordered wrongly and we were very full lol.

 photo 2015-07-08 19.40.16_zpsywzw8jxn.jpg

ehh we went to this place twice! Michael intro us to this noodles place and you can choose your spice level. The first time they chose 3 and because of my stomach, both times I choose zero. I love the soup and the pigliver!

 photo 2015-07-08 19.49.06_zps0tvut4lb.jpg

This is the 2nd day where Michael brought us to eat roast goose.

 photo SAM_6532_zpsu6vlg9ab.jpg

SHUANG but very oily.

 photo 2015-07-07 12.50.52_zpst0fekro6.jpg

After the meal, we walked about and went to Macau.

 photo SAM_6543_zps84lux0ej.jpg

I dun really like macau, nothing to do.

 photo SAM_6537_zpssgnsirjl.jpg

 photo 2015-07-07 16.45.19_zps3ce06tc4.jpg

This burger fail.

 photo 2015-07-07 16.45.39_zps0vygdeka.jpg

The egg tarts weren’t very nice, Joyce said that she preferred KFC one lol!!

 photo 2015-07-07 16.30.15_zpsoijmaqav.jpg

Then we tried wanton noodles too. I don’t think it’s the same day though..

 photo 2015-07-08 15.46.01_zpsyj5jwtjp.jpg

bu shi hen hao chi..

The last day before our flight we walked around on our own.. Went to this basement dimsum restaurant where I had the best meal other than Tim Ho Wan.

 photo 2015-07-08 11.19.17_zpsk64yogcz.jpg

My virgin experience with custard pau, it is so good! omg..

 photo 2015-07-08 11.25.46_zpsdgfjkqpu.jpg

 photo 2015-07-08 11.28.34_zps1goskha7.jpg

 photo 2015-07-08 11.28.29_zps8694jft6.jpg

Then we went ahead to try Hui Lau Shan. Mango mango mango is love.

 photo 2015-07-08 12.05.42_zpsq1hxwegf.jpg

After eating we went back to our hotel to sleep.. ( i think ) we came out again after our nap and saw this cute Hello Kitty cafe!

 photo 2015-07-08 20.17.18_zpsa6qh1x0x.jpg

I was never a fan of macaroon BUT the one that I tried was so nice! Wasn’t too sweet and it smells good too.

 photo 2015-07-08 20.17.06_zpssb6rsmsk.jpg

 photo 2015-07-08 20.16.50_zpsvicx3tkw.jpg

She spend quite a bit at this shop to get the free gift. LOL.

 photo 2015-07-08 20.31.20_zpsnaixnnx1.jpg

The rose latte I think? That taste really good. The kitty art so cute right?

And these are some of the snacks that I brought back home.
Sadly, I didn’t have the chance to try the NUPASTA. I didn’t have a microwave at home so I thought maybe I can use stove to substitute, but how wrong am I.. lol! And the red one right.. My grandma thought it is normal cup noodle and ruined it too. LOL! maybe next time then zzz.

 photo 2015-07-09 13.53.28_zpsv8fx1udo.jpg

Okay, this is about it. Overall it was a fun and tiring trip! We walked damn alot and were really tired. But trust me, I think I walked more in Taiwan. and I need to edit my taiwan photos before I forgot everything again. 🙂