Yahava Koffeeworks

Hi. 🙂

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I can’t remember when was this but I vaguely remember it was a super hazy day. (damn the haze) I was trying very hard to protect my makeup while wearing the mask. I’m usually not so vain one. hahaha.

Decided to visit Yahava Koffeeworks because I’ve been wanting to try their coffee for months, especially with my recent addiction to flat whites, I just have to check it out.

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This photo has become my blog header, it shows how much I love coffee now. Not any other coffee but just flatwhite. I’m really screwed because I can’t take other coffee anymore especially not the old school kopitiam creamy ones. 🙁 I used to go crazy over yakun, coffee & toast and even instant coffee! But now I just leave them at one corner and I feel really guilty about it because my ahma bought them for me to replace the previous packets. :\

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I love the place, really good place for chilling and studying. It’s really spacious too, which brings me to think about the cafes now, most of them are super squeezy hor?

I’m thinking of going back to strangers to try their flat white again because I can’t decide whether Yahava is 2nd or 3rd, and of course my no.1 is still Nylon’s. 😛

Ok and followed by some shots taken by 😀

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Alright October is gonna be over soon! Kinda nervous about 12th. 😀

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Visit Yahava if you have the time too! 🙂
4 Jln Gelenggang, 578188