Mini Adventure

A few months ago, I went on an mini adventure with Mr Tey. After staying home for months, I didn’t realize that I have become so soft and weak. I was already struggling after a rather short distance. Compare to what I used to cover before..

 photo 1_zpsfkl8rj6f.jpg

 photo 3_zps2mvfiiim.jpg

 photo 4_zpszuq49wet.jpg

 photo 6_zpssudfggl5.jpg

 photo 5_zpsrgoquslb.jpg

 photo 7_zpsow1hcfoo.jpg

 photo 8_zps0gdnuocd.jpg

 photo 9_zpstgfv9reu.jpg

 photo 10_zps9ochlono.jpg

 photo 11_zpsr7csdvwx.jpg

we were supposed to cover the whole Green corridor trail but because of my lack of exercise hence become super weak body I asked to stop and we took a bus to D’GoodCafe instead. LOL but I was so tired we only had coffee there.

 photo 2_zpsyguaxxu0.jpg

This is my first experience with my new Sony A6000 given by the husband. ^^v so my photos are still very ‘weak’. sighh I am very lazy because I have to edit a ton of photos from Taiwan, so many photos so hard to choose!! LOL. But I love Sony!! Can’t remember what lens I’m using here but I def prefer my current lens!

It’s fun to go on a mini adventure every now and then, it helps to erase the negativity in my mind and makes me feel so much happier~ You should too!

erm anw, I’ll go edit my taiwan photos first……..