The Bakehouse by Carpenter & Cook @ Alexandra

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At Alexandra Central, just beside IKEA.

I ordered Squid ink pasta when Im allergic to seafood but i have craving for it that day! Then the husband ordered portobello mushroom pizza which taste pretty interesting!

The only thing that I think that its super not worth it is the dilmah tea which cost us 5 or 5.5 bucks LOL. Rather just ordered the flat white earlier lor. Oh and for the flatwhite it was actually good! 🙂

We also had carrot cake which I thought it was kinda sweet as there were alot of dried fruits in the cake. So like always.. Cedele carrot cake still win!! But don’t get the wrong idea hor… I still think the bakehouse carrot cake is good!

Anyway Its worth visiting again because the interior is nice and cozy plus the food really not bad!

So alright then im Stopping here today alrdy and hope I recover soon! :/ see ya!