My love for Milo and my screwed up health

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I know it’s full of sugar but I need this. I can’t have coffee for the moment and maybe for a longer term (who knows) and so I can only rely on this. even though it makes me bloat.. sometimes.

I might have already go for my first appointment at KTPH or not depends on when I published this post (ok i went liao..) but yes I’m finally doing my scope. I was supposed to do at TTSH, then SGH, then SGH again, and now to KTPH.

I screw up my health while dieting. I used to pray for myself to be very very sick so I can be skinny, I don’t know what I was thinking. And so this time round while I was having acid reflux, heartburn, severe bloating (like im 6mths pregnant), swollen neck and aiya just overall discomfort I finally went to the hospital and got referred to the specialist to do scope.

I am unwilling to do the scope but I have to because it is affecting my life. Even the doctor shakes his head when I told him this has been ongoing for years.


I went for my first appointment last week. Did thyroid panel test and allowed the doc to dig my ass. LOL. My colleagues comment that I become smarter after I got poke in the ass. damn it. My 2nd appointment is this coming thursday, will be doing the scope and ultrasound to check for gallstones. Don’t know what to expect and I’m more worried about the bills. Even though the scope is fully covered by my medisave but the polyps (if they decided to test them) will cost $150 each. WHY SO EXPENSIVE? haiz.. Sgh like cheaper leh..

I was thinking what if this bloating problem of mine will always be there, which means I will never be able to eat properly. I have conflicting thoughts regarding this and it’s not healthy. Perhaps only one person know what I’m thinking now. I’m also pretty sure that my bloating problem might cause me to go crazy over my weight and diet again. (because the bloated stomach cause my weight to skyrocket and honestly I’m affected by it but I try to brush it away as it’s not my priority now) Also pls dont ask me about my weight or even mentioned about it, cos it will make me really MAD.

Anyway I will blog again after I went for my scope. I’m quite excited to know what’s happening inside. -_-


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