I am back from Hongkong.

Delayed post. You can click here to check out my short HK trip. 🙂

 photo SAM_6527_zpshlinyzjx.jpg
Common Room @ Hop’s Inn Hostel HongKong

Hello I’m back from Hong Kong. I think this is the first time I sound so dead after traveling. It’s unbelievable that for the whole trip I only took about 50shots. It’s so unlike me.

And this time round there was a lot of walking on the first day. 24KM for god sake and 12km for the 2nd. I think 12 is still okay, my average daily distance while traveling is usually 12-15km.

Joyce’s friend brought us around HongKong and that was the reason why we walked so much. Still I’m thankful for his effort to bring us around.

So I came back and I had this strong urge to whip up some scrambled eggs because I’ve been so homesick. First of all I’m an egg lover. I eat eggs every.single.day without fail. And bread. This 2 are my staples + favourite. When I was in HK, the only food that makes me very happy was the custard bun. Damn shiok and happy because in a way it’s salted egg yolk + pau just like egg + bread.

I wanted to eat some eggs and toast from some Cha Can Teng but we didn’t go to any.

 photo food_zpsyfdjsjia.jpg
from last HK trip

and I was definitely craving for some Charsiew and the only ones are from the Charsiew Pau from TimHoWan which was amazingly good. (more pics next time)

 photo DSCF6756_zpswwerkda8.jpg
Can’t even remember where this place is at already.

We had shaorou instead. Actually I don’t really like shaorou HAHA but it’s okay cos I’m in overseas and it was recommended so It was okay for me. We also had SHAO ER (Roast Goose) and I will leave it to my next post to talk about as it’s just a short post today.

I went to school and I have no time to touch my photos so more photos and talks will be on here soon. I need to start on my schoolwork already. 3 Individual assignments, 3 group projects. *MIA-ING*

Anyway I really miss typing whatever I want to over here especially about myself and thoughts. But I have to think twice because whatever I type here will affect you in a way or another. So haiz.. But you can check out http://www.myfatpocket.com/exclusive-content/ for members where we pen down our personal thoughts. Usually I am more personal over there. haha.