[Simonseries] Analog Photography Journals Dec 2014

I’ve decided to change my different series and as I said on an earlier post, forget about numbering my posts.

I’m making it a point to at least develop one roll of film per month, due to time constrains or the cost of doing that, whichever it is lah that I can’t take more pictures and develop more. Well, its not like its my day job.

I read somewhere that there’s this saying: ‘The worst photo you’ve made, is the one you took yesterday’. I don’t exactly agree with that actually, because when I look at the photos I took last month, out of the 2 120rolls, 30shots in total, only 2 are keepers… The rest are, I seriously don’t know what I was thinking at the time, horrible. I’m guessing I lost my patience somewhere in between and rushed to finish that roll of film, what a waste of good film.

This month though, I found a new place that I haven’t been to, its a small pocket of vegetation in the heart of our concrete jungle. And besides my discovery, I also planned and worked on a theme this time round, making my shots look so much better than the previous wasteful shots.

The shots are all taken with my Mamiya 645, with its 55mm or 105mm lenses. Well I only had these, what am I saying LOL.

 photo IMG_20141216_0004_zpsd00cb6fb.jpg

 photo IMG_20141216_0002_zpse99bc1e5.jpg

 photo IMG_20141216_0001_zps32215ef9.jpg

There are scans I got from my home scanner, I’m lazy so I just scan them in fours like a collage instead of one by one. Just one thing about the 3rd pic the one on the lower left hand corner, I wished I had realize then that the image on the view finder is inverted, so that I would stand on the left instead and maybe a little closer to the centre for better composition. Ah well I wish I wish, if I wish can come true I would’ve ask for 4D numbers liao.

The bird photo I remember myself wasting 5 shots on it because I took one shot on every step I made towards the bird bird, I was afraid I would scare it off and miss the shots entirely.. I was getting so close to the bird bird until….. my phone suddenly rings. LOL! and the worse part is all the shots not even fully in focus! Heck lah that’s why I didn’t enlarge the pics when I scan it HAHAHA!

My lack of experience is showing… better run now, ciao guys~

Simon the wanna-be photographer