[Simonseries] Ramen cravings at Sanpoutei Ramen!

Hi guys,

Its about food again, on this weekend both myself and Claire had to work. I’m off earlier than her so I’ll need to wait for her. I went many places, mostly just window shopping around town. I got hungry, its past lunch time and I haven’t had anything to eat. Knowing she doesn’t have lunch hour (she’s working part-time), I’ll have to wait for her to be off before we can fill our empty stomachs.

This couple of hours is killing me slowly… I went through the net checking out foodie places around Orchard area and looking at those pictures were a torture while waiting for Claire to appear… I decided on going to a rather new ramen place at the basement of Shaw House.

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Sanpoutei Ramen

I dragged Claire over as soon as she arrives at Orchard MRT, at that point I’m starving and would kill for food. We step into the place and were greeted by all the employees in the place, such is to be expected when you enter any Japanese restaurant. We were seated along a long table which I couldn’t care much about because I only care about whats going into my stomach. We studied the menu for a bit and settle for a Rich Tori X Miso Ramen with extra char siew pork and vegetable (upsize)

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BUTARIKI NIIGATA Rice mini Don for her. It turns out that she’s starving as well and that “mini” don can hardly satisfy her, luckily I asked for extra topping on my ramen, because she’s stealing from my bowl.

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I have to say I always preferred pork bone broth for my ramen, after going to marutama I’m not very keen on chicken broths. I thought I’m screwed when I saw the ‘sold out’ on the pork broth version, I don’t like shoyu ramens so I just settled for the Tori X Miso one. BUT I wasn’t disappointed! The rich taste I always get from pork broths was nicely reproduced with chicken instead. The taste was salty and creamy. The charsiew melts in my mouth like all good charsiew should and the drinks were nothing fantastic. What did you expect? I order hot green tea leh.. LOL. The mee was a burst of flavour with every mouth I take, as for the mini don, I only took one mouth, so I can’t really tell whether it was good or not, so only Claire would know LOL!!

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After the meal we were just goofing around and before long we were tired. So we ended the day just like that and went home to take a break.
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Ciao people,