[Simonseries] Hobbies Bobby ep3: Why the heck did I fell in love with Carl Zeiss lenses…

Hello, Simon’s here again.

I’m not very talkative one, really. I’m really very introverted one, but I dunno why i got so many things to write about.

This time I will talk about my new favourite lens hehhehhehhehhehhehhehhehhehhehhehhehhehhehhehhehhehheh. I recently spent a sum of money on a so-called premium lens. I got it 2nd hand so it doesn’t really cost a limb lah. Its was a Carl Zeiss T* Planar 50mm f1.4 lens. It rocked my world!


This lens totally changed the way I shoot.

I started out like any beginner self-taught photograper-wannabe, I shoot everything. One outing can yield 1k photos! Then as time progresses and after lots of reading from the net and photography books, I start to think before I take a photo. Its especially true after I tried going back to using film cameras. You can’t just snap a photo and review it on the back of the cam man, if its bad you can’t just delete it. Old school film photography makes you think it through before wasting your frames.


I really love shooting film but then lots of times I wished I have the full manual control with the ability to review my shots on the go. That way I can see what’s not so good about it and do a better 2nd take. So after I got this lens, it became the closest I got to a hybrid analog/digital slr!

Actually any other lenses/dslr can do the same thing. BUT its the FEEL! of the extremely smooth and well damped focusing ring on this thing is really really really good, it makes people feel a….. hmmm…. warm feeling spreading in your chest and… a stirring… down your loins as you see the image in your viewfinder comes into focus. You really have to turn it to know what I mean! Normal autofocus lenses feels loose, if not they feel gritty and dry and gets stuck in places… as you turn it.My descriptions may sound a bit suggestive but really, go find one and turn it, you’ll get what I mean. Ok lah all these are nonsense. Its the satisfaction of nailing the focus yourself. Seeing the transition of the scene coming into focus and nailing it, it makes me want to take more pictures, give me the drive because its not as easy as using an autofocus lens, more effort needed made wanna do even better. Composition, focus, depth of field, I think about these when I’m using a manual focus lens whereas I would just mindless snap away with an autofocus lens.

Besides this the colour rendition, sharpness and the all important bokeh of modern photography are top class! Well what do you expect? This is Carl Zeiss man. I never looked back after this, losing the autofocus is a small price to pay imo. You get used to such things if you love it enough. And the pictures coming from this thing, well, trashed basically all the photos I ever taken (although people always say your worse photos are the ones you take yesterday).

Let the pics do the talking! Oh and by the way, I got myself another Zeiss lens at a bargain price. I’m in love!




Till next time guys,


P.S. if you guys wanna ask me anything, you can always drop a comment here. Claire would tell me if I got a question. Lol.

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