[Unusual Review] Klarity Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion SPF 30/PA++

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It’s up to you to believe if this review is real anot because whenever people sees the SPONSORED word there, they auto tune to fake post. But I’m just sharing how I feel about this product. This review is not going to be your usual template style by the way.

I’ve been trying this Klarity Dtox CC cream lately and I really love the whitening effect it gave me.

 photo IMG_3292_zps238743c6.jpg

Short story here: While trying to take photo of this, I broke my Lancome Advanced Genifique serum. It’s not even half used for the 50ml one 🙁 haiz.. 

First and foremost I don’t really wear liquid foundation, so looking for a good BB/CC cream is a huge deal to me.

My best BB cream so far is actually from Garnier.. (OHYEA!) It used to be from Etude house but I switched it to Garnier because it’s cheaper and super uber duper good. Try it out if you never try before. It’s only SGD17.90 for that awesome BB 😀 Yes I just throw in another brand of BB cream when I’m reviewing about this product.

Klarity Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion has:

– SPF 30/PA++
– Whitening effect
– Purify your skin
– Repair
– Firming
– Smooth
– Soothe
– Hydrate
– Tone
– Anti Aging
– Waterproof

It’s seen on the product that it’s suitable for both Body & Face, but I havent try it on my body yet. But body? Im curious really.

I agree with the whitening part as it shows on my face and the reason of this is because this product contains diamond powder.

 photo SAM_0667_zpsd972610b.jpg

Hi hello I got visible pores and im proud of it.

I am not sure about firming as I don’t use this everyday and Im drinking collagen now so the firming part I really can’t judge much.

This CC cream does help in balancing my skin tone, giving the whitening effect that I desired. And also it helps to retain my facial moisture in a good way, my face doesnt get oily when I apply this and it’s not dry either. But one thing I disliked about this is: it’s not easy to blend. I don’t know why. Is it because of my face? Anyone of you try this before and have the same issue?

Like I said everyone’s face is different. You may think the klarity is smooth but on me it’s not. It’s probably because of the thick texture it has. But overall I will still use it because of the whitening effect.

I haven’t use the mask yet because I REALLY DON’T HAVE TIME. But I will review it soon.

Bye guys!
Once again, product review is based on my skin. Don’t stereotype every review thank you.

With love,