5 of my Favouritest Local food!!

Today lets talk about food! Or to be more precise, 5 of my favourite local food!!

When you talk about local, of course its going to be hawker food right! So here goes:

1. Yong Tau Foo

The are everywhere! And when you want to eat clean, a bowl of yong tau foo full of vege and eggs(whites, I skipped the yolk :p) = low fat meal!! Of course with so many choices of ingredients, you can indulge in maybe one piece of your favourite meat? Heh heh heh..

2. Fried Carrot Cake

Ok, I know the hawkers uses alot of oil in frying this… but aiyah… once in a while I can indulge right? Lol!! Anyways when I’m with the bf at a hawker, I no need to ask him, he’ll always order a small plate of fried carrot cake to share. With him around I can always try a few pieces, and make him finish the rest! Heh heh heh…

3. Kaya toast and half-boiled eggs

This is another one of my favourite whe I’m with the bf! We would always share one single kaya toast set with one upsized kopi siu-dai, his usual favourite drink. And I love those toasted white bread from normal local kopitiams too, coz they are chewy!!

4.Fish slices soup

Nothing like a hot bowl of fish slices soup especially on a rainy day. The fresh fish slice in the hot broth calls for a nutritious meal! Remember to ask for more vege!!

5.Mixed veg rice

Why’s something like this my favourite? Because there’s a wide variety of dishes to choose from!! I can have this everyday because I can slowly try all the dishes over days!! Hehehe! And if I wanna watch my diet, I can always choose 2 or 3 diferent vege dishes! This is the most versatile hawker choice ever hahahaha.

And there you have it! My favourite local food. What about yours? Well if you’re not sure, you can always check out #food. Lol!

Back to my school work :'(

See y’all soon. Hopefully…