[Simonseries] Living with Claire ep2: This Girl is Full of Surprises!!

Hi guys, welcome back to another episode of the Living with Claire series.

In this post, I’m gonna talk about how adorable (stupid) Claire can sometimes be. Imo its rather unbelievable at times. She does stupid things like that all the time, her quirks are really annoying me also. Lol. Maybe I can even make a list about them.

1. Despite her excellent sense of balance while on a moving MRT, she always trips over things. You know? Like while walking, this foot trips that foot? Like if its a tiny gentlest slope? No.. even on a perfectly flat ground… Her tripping is one thing, its her exaggerated reaction… flailing arms, the sudden gasp, grabbing my arm. Yeah… She gives me a shock everyday, exciting life with her ain’t it…

2. She laughs hysterically and endlessly when shes tired. Shes always tired, doing blogs, vlogs, decorating her table, and things like this happens when its her bedtime. Like seriously? Bedtime? How old is she anyway… She will start yawning and get really hyper, doing stupid things and annoy me. Then after she burn up all her energy, she will get really sleepy and whiny. Sigh.. like a big baby…

3. She’s really clueless. She always tell me she wanna go to a lot of countries. She would say ‘lets fly to London, then from London how do we go to England?’ Erm… when you go to London, you’re in England. I thought such things were taught in secondary school geography? Furthermore its a country frequently talked about right? There’s more, she’s been doing her vlogs so I got her a Canon DSLR and loan her some of my lenses. One of them was a EF17-40mm f4L zoom lens. Zoom lens. I mentioned it countless times, and I even mentioned its got a range of focal length, 17-40mm. So after saying all that, she said to me ‘hey, this lens looks almost the same as your 35mm lens leh.’ I’m like huh? Thats impossible right? I asked her if she turned the ring on the lens she said yes she did that liao. I roughly know whats wrong, knowing her, she don’t even know it can ‘zoom’. So true enough, when I visit her house on the weekend, she was so surprised when I showed her how to zoom. ‘Amazing, so it can zoom!!’ I already told you loh…

 photo PicsArt_1408279316232_zpslkciwrp3.jpg

4. Sometimes, she speak without thinking, and it always end up to be something stupidly funny.. One day she calls me suddenly and excitedly tells me ‘Breedy (the straycat in her area she selfishly named) is standing on all fours!’ I said huh, so? I usually see him sitting. She said ‘Huh? Cats can sit meh?’ And I face-palmed. Then this other time, she ask me if I got transferred to work in another hospital (I work in a hospital lab) will I get ‘uploaded’? I’m like huh?? She said it again, ‘upload’? What? Am I a digital file? how many bytes am I worth? After that she can laugh and say that she meant ‘increment’, there’s like no link at all between the 2 words loh… Face-palm moment.

5. She always say that she’s very organised. She likes to plan out her stuff. She’s got OCD and I should not touch her stuffs because she want them exactly the way she leaves them and so she will know where to find them. Ok loh I won’t touch any of them loh. But then why does she always lose her stuff? And only for me to find them for her in the end? She spent hours organising her area only to lose her stuff. Lol!

6. She freezes when she’s scared. A bug flew pass, she froze. While crossing the road a falling leaf drops in front of her, she froze. She kicked a pebble on the floor, she froze. A lizard darted from the side of the road into a bush, she froze. And every single time I see her reaction, its like something really terrible happened, like a car accident or someone commited suicide or she saw a ghostly apparition.. Only for me to find out that its just, you know? A piece of falling leaf.

 photo 2014-08-17 08.19.46 1_zpsqlqovdf0.jpg

Exciting life for me living with Claire. Kinda tiring you know need to take care of her, well sort of.. Ok lah its kinda fun actually. Lol.

This girl is full of surprises. Well bye guys.


[Hello if you are new to my/our space, Sseries stands for Simonseries where my husband-to-be (or already is if you see this in 2015) blog about himself and …. me??]