Travel: 5D4N Nikko Tokyo- Hotel Mystay Asakusa-Bashi, Takeshita Street Harajuku, Tokyo Skytree and Ueno Park!

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So many many things to share this May and June! But first let’s time travel again!

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Hotel Mystay Asakusa-Bashi is affordable, clean, convenient and not very small like how my friends used to describe the hotels they stayed in Japan.
I recommend this hotel, a pity that we didn’t take a photo of our room!

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how to take self portrait under tokyo skytree?

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Ueno park!

Uniqlo Coat
LoveandBravery Dress
ASOS stocking
Zalora sneakers
Catwalkclose bag
Shawl from some random shop in Harajuku.

I thought this will be the last post but apparently not, we still have 20plus photos to post, (which will finally be the last), till the next post and I can finally move on from there.

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