Getting my youth and fitness back with Niks Maple Clinic!

*counting my fingers* When was the last time I went for facial??

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I haven’t been taking care of my skin, haven’t did facial or mask for quite sometime. πŸ™
I think the 2 main products that have been helping my skin is 1. Advanced Genifique serum from Lancome and 2. Water sleeping pack from Laneige. My favourite ‘L’ products!

I’m actually quite worried and excited at the same time, worried that I will be slammed with negative remarks about my skin condition and excited that I will be getting better and youthful skin! :):)

Before starting my semester, I received compliments about my skin! But now my skin looks dry, dull and prone to acne. πŸ™ Most of the time I only had about 5hrs of sleep and I usually sleep after 12am. :/ I go to school (clementi) 3days a week and usually when I reached home, it’s already 1130 or 1145pm. πŸ™ That explains why my skin becomes so bad now. haiz.. I’m going to have 40yrs old skin if I don’t do something about it!!

I will be doing 2treatments with Niks Maple Clinic and one of them is Clear + Brilliant!

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Going to entrust my face into their hands and look forward to having younger, smoother and radiant skin! ^^

The next treatment that I will be doing with Niks Maple would be LIPOSONIX! Other than having insufficient sleep I have been pigging out at night! I started spamming chocolates and chips that worsen my skin and MY STOMACH! I even eat supper!!! Super bad.. ahhhhh.. I used to have super small waist and now my waist has grown sideways. :(:( I’m really very sad about this! Even though it’s hidden I still want it to be leaner, I want to rock in a crop top!

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I am supposed to see the difference in just 1 treatment so let’s wait for my next post and see the difference for both treatments! :D:D



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To know more about Clear + Brillant

With Love,
Claire πŸ™‚