Fashion and Technology

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In the past, you have to step out of your house to shop for clothes, now you can just wear your pajamas, sit at home and shop away while eating lunch or dinner. This also mean that you spend without much thinking. LOL.

Nowadays fashion stores can just operate online without having a physical store, see how popular are online blogshops right now.. The best thing is that their trends are always updated and new, while you don’t know what’s in trend right now if you shop out there at some random stores.

Nowadays accessories, clothings, shoes are all available online! And even branded goods in the recent years. One of the example would be Reebonz which always have branded goods sales!

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Pretty excited about how the fashion world would evolved next, maybe there will be a new app which can scan my wardrobe and advise what to wear for that particular day? wahaha.. awesome..

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