Conrad Centennial Hotel Singapore Staycation!

Not our first staycation but the first 1 to 1 staycation! Got the discount voucher from Conrad Centennial because of my company and I decided to ask Kailei since we have been saying we wanted one and have been delaying for so long. wahhaa so last saturday we had our first staycation and even though I was so sick, I enjoyed myself!

I seldom fall sick for such a long period and I’m finding it really exhausting cos I’ve been blowing my nose nonstop and it is dropping off soon! 🙁

I really feel very sorry for the next guest that’s gonna check in on Sunday afternoon because the room is filledl with my virus. :X SORRY! Anyway I already seen the doctor and he said I’m having viral infection, I really hope I can get well soon. 🙁 Being sick makes me angsty and lose interest in all things plus I can’t concentrate on anything.

Back to our staycation! I guess this is my first time staying in a 5star business hotel and honestly I feel intimidated because I know there’s gonna be a lot of business man/women around and I have to behave professionally. FYI, I always wear FBT to have my breakfast buffet in the hotel without fail BUT this is the only time I dress up properly before I head down. Thank God I dress properly because even the restaurant looked intimidating. lol!

In general, Conrad just look super classy and even though I feel out of place, I also feel like a taitai on that weekend. hahaha. photo SAM_0363_zps9daa8932.jpg

 photo SAM_0362_zps352da9df.jpg

 photo SAM_0366_zpse1dfffd2.jpg

 photo SAM_0367_zpsf118a7ee.jpg

 photo SAM_0372_zps0712a3c2.jpg

 photo SAM_0373_zpsc0f0d9ec.jpg

 photo SAM_0397_zpse6a74bef.jpg

 photo SAM_0396_zpsf073a507.jpg

 photo SAM_0395_zps90f24272.jpg

 photo SAM_0393_zpsdb7aa2d1.jpg

 photo SAM_0380_zpsa293c56e.jpg

 photo SAM_0378_zps419f6a5e.jpg

 photo SAM_0377_zps37df6e02.jpg

We got upgraded to business king room and also late checkout. Even though there’s no WIFI, it is still awesome because we can check out late, that’s like the best thing for a staycation second to the hotel breakfast. One thing though.. the bed is very high and I have to jump on it, and when I try to climb down I knocked myself on the bed frame and got myself a big bruise. LOL clumsy me as always.

Conrad is very near to Millenia walk, Suntec city and Marina Square, so we settle our lunch at Marina Square and for dinner we had junk food. LOL. That’s the thing about staycation: alcohol and junks. But I dont and cant take alcohol so I just snack away… (even tho I cant snack too much tooooo)

Kailei is very crazy about the conrad bear. LOL. So most of the time we are snapping photos with the BEAR. And I’m more fascinated about the bedroom slippers, they are so thick and fluffy!! This is what happen to girls when they are alone. haha.

We did not use the facilities at all, no bikini, no swim wear and no gym wear. So it was a get fat weekend. We had our breakfast separately too, so my photos are in such a low quality (using phone) that I dun think I wanna upload. or maybe soon I will just update here. But the breakfast buffet was good!

I tried doing a video of the room, just a short room tour.. I really suck at doing videos, my hand shakes like nobody’s business and my editing skills also suck..

But I’m gonna improve on this! So if you don’t mind, you can take a look! I will try doing more videos because they are more interactive. hehheh. 🙂 BTW I ALRDY REMOVE MY BRACES!!! ^^v