I prefer Korean fashion than Jfashion!

I prefer Kfashion than Jfashion, because Kfashion is more laidback, chic and stylish whereas J lean towards the sweet and girly type. I guess it’s not that easy to be sweet and girly because you really have to put in alot of effort to doll and dress up! Well and of cos you have to be uber cute to carry off J fashion. (I think only Miyake can carry off both!)

Whereas Kfashion, it’s easier because there are accessories to act as a coverup at the same time giving you a statement look, even if your hair is in a mess or that you didn’t apply much make up. Although it may sound easy to achieve the look, the most important thing is that you MUST carry it off!

I’ll share about some of the styles I like in Kfashion and why I liked about it!

1) Sport shoes

If you are not following the trend, you must be wondering why people are wearing sport shoes with nice top and skirt or even dresses out there right now. Well that’s the current ongoing trend and I love it! I can wear comfortable shoes and be fashionable! pssss* I love the new balance cherry blossom!

 photo sport-shoes-jpg_zpsc8805dd0.jpg

Walk with your sport shoes with confidence!

2) Sunglasses

 photo sunglasses-jpg_zps4767f933.jpg

Sunglasses help to cover up your panda eyes/small eyes/sleepy eyes if you didn’t have enough sleep and makeup! I’m currently wearing this Marc Jacobs one and I’m thinking of getting a new one because my flat nose bridge is not supporting the shades. -_- And I guess I should look for the above type of sunglasses to make me look hip-per!

3) Eyeliners
I love how koreans draw their eyes, BUT I guess I need to put double eyelid tape before I can achieve their look as they have perfect parallel eyelids, so yaaaa… and I personally love Jiyeon (T-ara) eyeliner style!

 photo jiyeon_zps1819b80d.jpg

4) Eyebrows

I dun even need to talk about the craze of the straight eyebrows now.. Love taeyeon!!!

 photo images_zpsa8ab378b.jpg

5) Caps

 photo caps-jpg_zpse75b9eed.jpg

The best accessory you can ever have! Cover up bad hair and look chic altogether! That’s one of the favourite things I loved about Kfashion!

That’s my take and what’s yours? Why not read our fashion articles to know more? ^^



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