VLOG – Different types of double eyelid tapes I used~ (sneak retainer and pre braces teeth mould!)

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I only started using double eyelid tape early this year, and I think I’m kind of addicted to it now. LOL. I think it really makes a difference especially with contact lens, eyeliner and fake eyelashes, but I usually just apply mascara and sometimes eyeliner to go w the tapes.

I have tried a couple of brands before narrowing to the following 2.

 photo SAM_0057_zps1e42269c.jpg

 photo SAM_0053_zpsc6a56964.jpg

I did alot of research just to find the right type for my eye shape, and realized that research doesn’t help at all.. as you really have to buy and try then will know if it’s suitable anot.
So after trying a couple of brands, I finally found 2 that I can use!

I only feature 2 that I used, and the other 2 that I tried, the others that I tried and failed are already in the bin!

I’m gonna stop here because if I continue to type then what’s the use of doing the Vlog right? So alright! Play and watch! ^^v

I am compiling the photos before braces and try to do a proper vlog about this so till then, please leave down whatever questions you have so I can answer all at one go on the video. ^^

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