Wedding Plans update!!!

HELLLLOOOO!! How I wish I could say I’m back for good, but no it’s not the case lol! I will try to blog whenever I can though.. Just a short update of what I’m doing and planning now!!


 photo 1519224_10152123634716998_1995980992_o_zps4e398918.jpg

Picture taken so long ago! The day we went down to recce our confirmed venue! Don’t wanna reveal too much yet but the date is confirmed on Valentine’s day 2015! =D

My wedding dress would be custom made and I hope it will turn out good!! Kinda worry with the fact that I’ve put in 50% deposit! Yes I need to contact her soon to ask the progress of my dress! O.O

Our rings also custom made and we have paid for it now waiting for it to be delivered to us!!

Now we are still sourcing vendors for custom stamp and blabla stuffs which I will reveal on a later date. V excited hope everything turns out good!


I’m diagnosed with IBS and there are many food and drinks that I have to avoid. Not really a sad thing la actually because it kinda helped to control my cravings? If you want me to explain about IBS, you can always drop a comment and I can write a seperate post on that. 😀


One assignment down and preparing for a few more test, really can’t wait for this semester 1 to be over!!!!!!! And 3more to go!


Feeling super emotional this week cos of someone but it’s okay. I will just clarify and move on. 🙂

So that’s about all. Bye world! And c ya sooon! 🙂

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