Travel: 5D4N Tokyo & Nikko: World Heritage Site, Shinkyo Bridge, Nishi-sando Nikko and more!

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Happy CNY! School has started and I’m busy with school, work, assignment and what not.

Even CNY holidays, I’m stucked at home working on my assignment!

Let’s continue my japan trip, whenever I blog, it means I finally have some free time.

42 photo 1_zps6e27f69d.jpg

43 photo 2_zpsd0f0c984.jpg

i was so cold. it was 4degree. some exhibition/museum that we paid to enter. (below) shd have went in the day, but still it was beautiful and romantic.

44 photo 3_zpsc235ce2c.jpg

45 photo 4_zps9111ebdb.jpg

pretty maple leaves that you will never see in Singapore.

46 photo 5_zps83e36f6c.jpg

Temperature drops really fast once the sun sets… makes us appreciate the sun’s presence… 

47 photo 6_zps477e2705.jpg

48 photo 7_zps902ef45c.jpg

World Heritage

LOL that’s his nametag for work.

49 photo 8_zps5ab70fe2.jpg

Shin-kyo Nikko!

Here we are standing infront of Shin-Kyo.. I kept thinking about how cold the water will be….

50 photo 9_zps2a0974e0.jpg lol cute right?? but i dun dare to go in!

Day 1 dinner after walking 11-13 bus stops!!

51 photo 10_zps149df987.jpg

52 photo 11_zps0fdf301e.jpg

53 photo 12_zps956e8f06.jpgI dun think they have crispy onigiri in SG?

And finally Day 2!!!

54 photo 13_zps2c94c771.jpg

55 photo 14_zpsf8d76dbb.jpg
Tho Im not sure if it’s someone’s house or cafe. Or maybe both LOL

56 photo 15_zps4ca8209b.jpg

Also had a hard time looking for breakfast!

57 photo 16_zps144e9234.jpg

Nishi-sando, Nikko. Tourist area with lots of shops selling the same things. 

and then we went into this small snack shop which also sell food. I think Nikko is popular in tomato soup? Tomato soup was so goood so so good.

58 photo 17_zps9d7d84b0.jpg

This crepu is so nice and light! And the yuba burger is made of taukee/beancurd skin but taste better than a meat burger!

59 photo 18_zps902a523e.jpg

And he enjoyed his tomato based ramen!

After breakfast/lunch, it’s time to walk again. I love how we just walk aimlessly while in overseas. Dun need to worry about anything, dun need to think about money, work, school and blabla.. And that is why I never gain weight in Japan.

60 photo 19_zps62005115.jpg

Hike start – Junction near Takumi-cho (Google map) to Kanmanga fuchi Abyss 

I think I’m forgetting the actual feeling of standing there. gosh let me go back!

61 photo 20_zps9d5b1a63.jpg

and let’s pend for the next 20. and work on my f**king assignment.
and gonna update about my wedding plans sooon!!!