Be Strong Be Happy Be Thankful!

Last week was such a emotional week. BUT I’m glad all’s settled.
Communication is very important, just a little bit of miscommunication would turn your life upside down.

Ahma and Simon have been asking me to drop one item off my hectic schedule. It’s either job or school.
BUT I’m stubborn and determined to carry on with these 2, even if it meant having no time for myself, and having to sleep 5hrs a day!

I’m a strong woman, life has never been easy for me so this time round I know I can get through it too! Although I’m super tired now, it’s just a phase that I have to go through, and I just have to keep going until Oct 2015!!

At the end of the day, it’s just a certificate, but when you looked deep into the cert, it actually shows a story. So I want my story to be beautiful!

It’s really tiring when you dont have enough sleep. To the extent that I dont care how I stand in the train, or if there’s vehicles on the road. It’s really bad, gotta get more alert. So it’s just last thursday that I was on the train, and I looked at the moon, I thought I saw it smiling at me. You can say that I’m just too tired that I hallucinate, but I decided to just believe that the Moon is smiling at me, because it makes me happy! I want to believe in things that makes me happy even though it might sound crazy? haha.

Along the way, I looked at how Singapore has changed and, I actually feel proud to be a Singaporean. (like wtf I have never feel this way before!) I want to say I’m fortunate to be born here, even though I complained that sg sucks, but I really appreciate that there’s no natural disaster, and that I don’t need to witness any tragedy here. I might sound like I’m mad but yes, I really feel that I am safe here. And I’m happy. It’s actually easy to feel happy! It’s actually easy to feel positive, it’s all up to myself to feel what I want to feel.

Other than feeling thankful living here, I also want to thank the foreigners for their contribution even though it’s just a job to them. I always feel excited when I see new HDB flats are constructed, it’s truly amazing, the hard work and sweat they put into to complete the project. So must feel thankful!

So anyway I need to stop rambling because I’m going to start revising, and time really flies this year. It’s already March and I look forward to May because that’s when I can have a break!

I need to put more of my face here, so you all won’t forget how I looked like, and also I think I can remove my braces in a month or 2!! And when I’m more free, I will share some of the products I’m using lately! 😀

Happy International Woman’s Day! (belated. lol)

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