Travel: 5D4N Nikko Tokyo: Kanmangafuchi Abyss, Jizo Statue, Dainichi-Bashi, Lake Chuzenji and train back to Tokyo!

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Gotta continue my blog post for Japan, doesn’t seem fair to stop blogging about it.. Japan is too wonderful.

62 photo Nikko62_zpsbedcc1f2.jpg

63 photo nikko63_zps77d11551.jpg
Let me enlarge the fonts here,

Simon: Chill woman. We’re cool.
Me: Do you know that this is somebody’s yard.
Yes, we are sitting at someone’s yard, how do we term this? Trespassing. Oops!

64 photo nikko64_zps1040f8cd.jpg
So happy when we saw this, acting like kids are our forte.

65 photo nikko65_zps39ce4529.jpg

Along the walkway, there are many maple leaves. There’s no way you can catch such scene in Singapore. Really love this pic, especially the colors…

66 photo nikko66_zps1e4ae091.jpg

Kanmangafuchi Abyss! 
We walked around, climbing up and down, similar to a hiking trip, but I don’t mind this because the weather was too good, if you ask me to walk in Singapore, I gotta think twice now.
And here Simon is trying to act like he is modelling for bottled water? Hahaha.

67 photo nikko67_zps6ec461cb.jpg

Doesn’t matter if no one appreciates the green, what matters is that we are happy with it!

68 photo nikko68_zpsc41a3ffd.jpg

Just find this very cute, don’t mean to be offensive. And we didn’t put the glasses there in case you wonder!
I’m staring intensively at their faces to confirm that each and every individual statues differ from one another, and Hell are the internet reviews right..

69 photo nikko69_zpsed046fcd.jpg

He likes to make me look cuter and I hope it works a little at least? haha.

70 photo nikko70_zps55a1072d.jpg

71 photo nikko71_zps3b8920b5.jpg

72 photo nikko72_zps191fc4a6.jpg

As I mentioned earlier, yes I did not complain at all! We really walked in rounds because we lost our way, but of course eventually we found our way to below and below..

73 photo nikko73_zps952b1301.jpg

74 photo nikko74_zps41c1ab2b.jpg

It’s unbelievable to recall that we actually stand there and took this, nothing beats the reality! Photographs are not enough! 🙁 (If I’m not wrong, I was sitting on the floor, too clean..) What a perfect scene for a drama. lol.

75 photo nikko75_zps80014e79.jpg

Dainichi Bashi! 

76 photo nikko76_zps4f19658f.jpg

Pretty butterfly and flowers..

77 photo nikko77_zps8ea0b4a4.jpg

78 photo nikko78_zpsabd39519.jpg

we took a 1.5hrs bus journey and arrived at Chuzenji-Lake.

79 photo nikko79_zps49fd58b0.jpg

One of our to go places was Chuzenji – Lake, unfortunately we are running out of time, as we need to catch the train back to Tokyo. Not enough time to try this, and not enough time to walk around. 🙁

80 photo nikko80_zps4bcfd619.jpg

We can only comb this area, but I guess it’s enough for this time round.. The trees are so beautiful, looking at such vibrant colors totally lift your mood instantly.

81 photo nikko81_zps4705d2b6.jpg

82 photo nikko82_zps0dda7066.jpg

83 photo nikko83_zpse7373ccc.jpg

Are we sitting? Maybe.. All I remember is that we stood for about an hour before we finally got us seats. Damn this journey, but Tokyo was equally wonderful..

So next finally we can move on to Tokyo posts!

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  1. Beautiful photos!

    xiexie xiexie.. I will let simon know. hehehe. 😛 cant wait for u to draw on my face!

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