Korean Fashion!

I would go Korea just to eat their food and look at the girls. Their fashion sense is so good la!


 photo korea-fashion-2Aug-2_zps9f5f388a.jpg

 I love the above outfit! From top to toe it’s just nicely matched! Even the hair please, that’s why I love shoulder length hair. 😛

Especially love the top and the pants, what a great color combi! The floral top so cute, totally fit her cute face! It’s such a happy outfit!

 photo korea-fashion-2Aug-3_zps96332b32.jpg

I dunno why she’s giving a awkward face when her outfit is so nice.

Simple yet stylish with my beloved prada bag!! The white top and yellow skirt totally rocked with the blue wedges!!


 photo korea-fashion-1_zpsa81f1d85.jpg

Nude, black and lace. Can never go wrong. She looked so damn cool with the look and tattoo. The dress itself supposed to be feminine but it turned her into a rock chic! I like the heels 😀

 photo korea-fashion-2_zps10435457.jpg

Last outfit, cute and sweeeet! I dun think I can carry off the socks with platform!

But overall she looked so chic and cute!!

Thank god I’m not going to Korea, I’m already worrying about what to wear in Japan lor!!!
Girls in korea dressed so well, it’s like you have fusion cuisine and you have fushion fashion in Korea!

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