Catching up with friends after 4years???

Cannot believe we only meet after so long!!! My first and oldest colleagues, Ling (she’s malay btw) and Zack.
They are one of the fews who can still talk and laugh about almost anything after not meeting for decades. LOL!

The best thing is they stay in woodlands, and our meet up spot is always at Yishun! Too good and convenient for me!

So we had pizza hut. I can’t remember when was the last time I went to Pizza Hut too, maybe I’m on a non and low carb diet.
Asking me out during my PMS period is totally BAD. photo IMG_20130829_200754_zps949a9cb7.jpg

I had 3slices of Ocean Catch?! Carbs overload. Also it’s stuff crust! The funny thing is I’m not a fan of MAYO!!!

 photo IMG_20130829_200549_zpsae875a0d.jpg]

I was having toothache btw as I meet them one day after my dental appointment. So I had mushroom soup tooo.

I also have a share in this platter!

 photo IMG_20130829_200433_zpsbf8ce5c1.jpg

First try: Lychee Green Tea, best to have it when you’re feeling down. Cos super sweeet.

 photo IMG_20130829_195759_zpsafadb8b1.jpg

Now I’m looking at the pictures and I can’t believe my appetite when my auntie is visiting.
Alright Im ending the post here. Gonna shed some fats before I think about food again. *guilty*

I want to have Pizza again but not from Pizza Hut. LOL.

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