Western or Chinese

There’s like nothing much to eat at Clarke Quay eh.. (okay I’m refering to the basement level…)

So we just hop into VIVO cos the bf got cravings for fries?
Can’t really remember how much we paid for this meal but I didn’t order anything except for Cappu.

He ordered a Grill fish Panini with no sauce. I had some and it tastes decent. (I think the bread itself is already about 200+ calories)

 photo IMG_20130830_192255_zps22f72f2a.jpg

Oh and I love curly fries.

 photo IMG_20130830_191744_zps19fddcbb.jpg

I was at Yakun the other day and thinking how blessed I am to have toasts, eggs & coffee.
I like to have my toast with kaya only, because other than disliking mayo, I’m not a fan of butter tooo.

But that doesn’t mean I dun like my pastries, sweets and desserts!

sep3 photo IMG_20130826_184131_zps8dd1e46e.jpg

Now let’s compare this 2pics, which one is more tempting to you?

If you ask me? YAKUN ANYTIME! Just FYI. 2slices of toast with kaya ONLY is about 190calories.

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