Ikea and DIY Home Decor

I think I’m crazy, my bf thinks I’m over obsessive with organizing.
I want everything to be neat and tidy, I even revamp my boyfee’s room! LOL.

So for 2weekends we have been busying tidying and planning our spaces.

The first place we thought of is IKEA. I think soon enough, everyone’s house’s decor will just look the same.

Ikea is crowded as usual! And I got no choice but to enjoy my dinner with a spoon and knife! The chicken leg is so big? Maybe it’s injected with hormones. :X

 photo IMG_20130831_195821_zps9cf416d7.jpg

This is the first time I spend so much time in IKEA, cos usually simon will look for his things and Im more excited for the food. This time round it’s different, I was looking for storage boxes this and that. LOL! In the end I only got 2 boxes and some slim hooks which I dun think I will ever use. -_- Cos too slim.

We slept at about 3am that saturday and woke up feeling drowsy the whole of sunday. And if you think we finally rest on Sunday, no we continue to re-organize and create a small cosy coffee corner in his room!

Let me show you our coffee corner!!! I’m going to change the coffee machine soon, and look at the snacks. I rename this space as get-fat corner!
Last saturday at 7+pm, we were sitting there and munching on snacks. V V V terrible. And just FYI, the Loackers espresso mini wafer cookies is about 20calories each.
 photo IMG_20130901_195916_zps6c82fa94.jpg

I like the coffee sign ALOT when I saw it on Singsale! But when I saw the real piece, I feel that the material quite lousy leh. But okay lah. Super vintage looking. hehehe. Singsale is awesome, they always have discount!  photo IMG_20130901_195743_zps9878cd37.jpg

Look at the amount of snacks we have, and that’s not all…

Enough of his room, what about myself?? I think my Ahma confirm think I’m moving out or kenna possessed because I throw away most of my stuffs and every single thing that belongs to me, I make sure that it’s being put nicely/neatly.

 photo 20130901_230029_zps06f549f1.jpg

A mini corner for my frequent used accessories. hehehe. I like 3M products, very strong!
And my study desk is my biggest achievement. Should have taken a pre-revamp photo for comparison!

 photo IMG_20130901_230247_zps812a1ba4.jpg

I got the stickers from Qoo10 (gmarket) and the cookie box is from Famous Amos, (FYI, THE COOKIE BOX IS REAL ONE OK NOT STICKERS!!) the fake flowers are from IKEA, bought long ago but just don’t know where to put.
What do you think is inside the box? It’s actually pills and medications. 😀

Look at how round my face is in that photo frame, LOL that’s when I ammmmm 18?? omg 5yrs ago??

I still got more stickers, but I think I’m going to stick photos or posters up there already. You know what’s my next step? I’m gonna invade my ahma’s bedroom. oops :X

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