TheCafe hop 1: The LOFT Cafe @

Sorry! SHOTS not the main lead today. Please scroll down.. I took this photo because we were thinking of going there initally but changed our mind, nvm, next time. 😀

 photo IMG_20130805_201215_zps062733bd.jpg

We walked and walked and walked, until I nearly gave up, to be honest, the reason why I even step inside the Loft is because I’m tired of finding a cafe. And seeing Loft infront of me is like yay i finally can sit down and have a cuppa of mocha.

Welll.. I definitely never regret going there! Because it’s cosy and nice enough for me to enjoy some peace after work. 😀

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 photo IMG_20130805_202154_zps07d1679c.jpg

The entrance..

 photo IMG_20130805_202500_zps44ad1350.jpg

Nice ambience..

 photo IMG_20130805_202925_zps96e9c973.jpg

I didn’t order any food because I just had my dinner. BUT I am going back for their yummy waffles!! *droool*

 photo IMG_20130805_203436_zps0fefd98e.jpg

sigh.. ignore him pls. LOL
The best part of it was I got to enjoy affogato with Simon! Thank my colleague for letting me know about the scoop of vanilla icecream and espresso! I google about it and it’s called Affogato. So good. So shiok!

 photo IMG_20130805_203514_zps3314d937.jpg

The best part? Not that sinful! Because espresso is practically close to ZERO CALORIES.

 photo IMG_20130805_203705_zpsdbeb3d18.jpg

And my beloved mocha, and he had a pot of tea. Me loves coffee art.

I’m definitely coming back again, but the next I’m going to hop to Wimbly Lu and Creamier!!! First…. because there are so much more I’m going to hop into!
Can’t wait for this friday and saturday! Friday for NATAS FAIR and SAT FOR PICNIC. Please don’t rain!!!!!!!

268A South Bridge Road (off Smith Street) Singapore 058817