HelioCare Suncare Range – Pure White radiance capsules

I have minimal whitening skincare products because I found out before that whitening stuffs can lead to dry skin?
I’m not sure how reliable is that though. I think I’m more to a moisturizing and anti-aging user.

But it’s not good because I feel that I’m turning darker. πŸ™
I used to be so fair when I was fatter, but now I’m becoming darker and I dun like.
I guess it’s because you tend to wear more revealing clothes when you’re slimmer. zzz.

My face are not as fair as before also, maybe I’m really getting old. grrr. And having minimal whitening skin care products are not really helping me too, though I still use sunblock as diligently as possible.

So anyhoo, I’m going to try out the latest product from Heliocare Sun Care Range.
It’s called the, “Heliocare Pure White Radiance“.

It’s not a skin care cream or serum or anything, but it’s a supplement!

 photo SAM_1237_zps924d956a.jpg

 photo SAM_1239_zps2556cf91.jpg

My 2 other supplements dun even have such a nice packaging. LOL.

PureWhite Radiance, both a health and a beauty supplement boasts a unique formula containing Fernblock, a natural plant extract derived from a fern in Central America.

Fernblock “provides protection against harmful UV rays by decreasing pigmentary response”, therefore not only protecting the skin but also making it fairer. Combined with pomegranate extract and other vitamins, each small edible capsule helps actively protect, whiten and rejuvenate the skin from the inside out.

As it is a capsule its antioxidant effects reach parts of the body sunscreen would not be able to, helping us to achieve youthful and fairer skin in one easy step!
Unlike other whitening products which can cause damage to the skin’s outer layers, Heliocare’s PureWhite Radiance is both developed and recommended by dermatologists, and has been featured in a variety of magazines such as Elle Magazine, Harper’s Bazaarand Simply Her to name a few.
Clinical evidence have show that Purewhite Radiance does reduce visibility of skin blotches & create a more even complexion.
1. Users experienced visible reduction of brown spots
2. Skin brightness improved
3. Users showed a significant improvement in the appearance of wrinkles
4. Skin moisturization improved
5. Improvement in skin firmness.
I really hope this supplement can help me regain my fairness! Do you want too?

 photo HC-PWR-howitworks_zps62348ea0.jpeg

You can check out the video here tooo! http://heliocare.ca/?p=169

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  1. mind sharing the result of this product n the price of it? thu in adv.

    If I’m not wrong it’s about 99 or 100+.
    I cant really give you an advice as Ive been hiding under the shades lately! So sorry!

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