Maxwell Market

Not exactly a good way to start a post with this photo right. lol! But credits to Simon, I dun even know he took this.

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I am still on the Mortal instruments craze, I’m already on the fifth book!!! I feel sad that I’m going to finish it already, can’t wait for the 6th book to be out! I recently found out that there are prequels and sequels to this leh!! So excited!!
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I want to be a shadowhunter toooooooooooooooooo

Last Monday we went to Maxwell Market for dinner, usually Monday I will head home after work, but since it’s a 3days week I decided to just hang out a bit.

As usual, I don’t know what to eat so I ordered YTF. hahaha. healthier choice amongst all.

The bf spotted a ramen stall and because he’s a ramen fan, he decided to just spend $7+ in a hawker center.

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You can choose black ramen or white ramen, I still don’t know what’s the difference but he ordered the white.
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Simon says this is a shoyu base (soya sauce), and he prefers shio (salt).
I like the soup even though it doesnt taste like the usual, bf says it’s all MSG. lol!! Im not totally sure about this lah. But everywhere, almost everywhere uses MSG so what to do.

They are quite generous with the meat, it’s ‘san chen rou’, Omgee.
The best part of it is the egg, it’s not a half egg, it’s a whole egg!!! And it’s runnnny!
Win liao lor, hawker standard really no joke!!

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He’s quite full already but I tempt him to buy this oyster cake from this stall which is quite near to the ramen stall!
 photo IMG_20130805_200344_zps4cbf5951.jpg
It’s $2 for one, but very shiok!
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Cheap and good food is really awesome! I wanna go back and comb the market!

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