Happy Birthday Claire, I’m 23yrs old.

I feel so old this year that I don’t really want to celebrate, (I have a thinking that if I don’t blow candles I can still remain at this age) but many people gave me surprises that I’m so touched and happy! And the best thing is they made me feel like a kid and not the 23yrs old woman!

This year I received alot of presents, more than when I just hit 21yrs old. :’)

 photo IMG_20130429_210618_zpsdf142c73.jpg
My first super advanced bday present from the loverboy.. I know I’m supposed to keep this shhhh but it’s my blog!!!
 photo IMG_20130607_205241_zps7e06138c.jpg
my 2nd advanced birthday gift from my loverboy again. shhhh :X
 photo IMG_20130611_174305_zps5805699e.jpg
my 3rd present from my babyboy! HAHAHA. Im totally spoilt.
 photo IMG_20130622_135931_zps67eb6636.jpg
a gift from my babygirl! πŸ˜€ She nearly got me the prada cardholder, thank god she didn’t! I love this one as much as prada dont worry! I like it alot. πŸ™‚

On the 23rd I spend my day at home, doing nothing because the boy was attending a wedding dinner. I tried not to think that he’s going to give me a surprise because I don’t want to carry high hopes. HAHHAA. Through his whatsapp I can sense that he’s doing something but I tried to ignore and focused on reading my books. And hell my books are so good I actually lied on bed for almost 10hrs reading???

When it was about 11pm, and I was feeling so sleepy and telling the boy good night.. I saw a shadow and I got a bloody shock! Cos I didn’t hear any door opening sound, and the light was still off. And I saw the cake that he mentioned to me before, a super healthy cake, low sugar, low calorie, with organic flour and blabla…

Healthy doesn’t mean bad taste, because surprisingly it was good. πŸ˜€ and he got me a instax! and which meant it’s my 4th bday present for the year of 2013!!!

 photo IMG_20130623_230235_zps28bd1ff4.jpg
look at my sleepy face on the polaroid.

Thank you so much be, it was really sweet and super generous of you this year which I hope there weren’t be any for the next year or whatever years going on.. Because as long as you’re with me nuaing, I’m happy enough. chehhhh seee i so musshhhyyyy! Still, I love you for all the surprises for the last 5years, gosh coming to 6.

 photo IMG_20130622_202438_zpsc852b5eb.jpg
I love you my handsome boy.

As though, the surprises on sunday were not enough, BTW MY AHMA PREPARED STEAMBOAT FOR ME AS WELLL. and gave me a angbao. I won’t use that money ever. I told myself.

Okay so I was saying I got more surprises on Monday… my manager/friend/sister Eunice she is so amazing, she planned a surprise for me andΒ I was so touched, I teared.

I was told that nobody before me had such a treatment, wahahhaa. I do hope so because it was super duper sweet and shocking when everyone in your office celebrate your birthday with you despite the positions they hold. :’)

 photo IMG_20130624_124201_zps2fab6f4b.jpg
it’s not healthy but damn, i love it! very very sweet though.. I love the crust so much.

I’m also super shocked that Eric actually gave me presents, no wonder they say be careful what you wished for. HAHAHA. It was really shocking la I mean he’s high up there but he gave me a present??????? LOL! I will do more travel plans for him, ok. ok..

 photo IMG_20130624_150309_zpsba849533.jpg
Chocolates from Sinchocs were so good, so good that’s why I’m so fat..
 photo IMG_20130624_150901_zpse9afff46.jpg
And the present. Thank you!

And when I thought my manager should have spend quite an amount on the surprise (cake, pizza, salad), and she won’t give me a present, then the below just proved thatΒ I WAS WRONG.

 photo IMG_20130624_171719_zpsc1e91c52.jpg
The nail colors (matte) so pretty and the laneige so good. so so gooooooddddd!

Thank you Eunice!! Thank you so much! Even though we have only known each other for 5months, but I feel very close to you! πŸ˜€

I really appreciated what everyone had done for me, sorry I have to say especially my boyfriend, because nobody can keep and sustain this love and urge to surprise and make me happy for 5years… :’) loves…

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  1. dear clarie, happy bday.
    youre so truly blessed with so much people who love you. im so happy for you.

    Thank you fiona, you’re so sweet. πŸ™‚

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