Roma Deli’s at Shaw Tower

Why allow Monday Blues to get into you?

I seldom dine out on Monday because I can eat at home, but as the boy is having a super early working shift now and he came by to meet me, intentionally? OH cos I was suffering from UTI. 3rd time yet again. fml.. URINARY TRACT INFECTION leave me alone. I hate that feeling!!!

Wanted to get some thai food in our tummy but worry that it will worsen my condition, so we went to Roma Deli’s @ Shaw Twr instead. (gonna try the turkish cafe soon!)

A very nice and cosy corner, super old school + vintage, I love the settings, the deco and the furniture. Maybe you should drop by someday.

 photo iiq7NZOLgBK_S8pjTawC19eYKfxOF2xYT_SnSZrevEQ_zps85de177b.jpg

 photo mSDOzHgDZQOPkIpXGSIoBBvn8LkUTPmt5W4TUVtKVu4_zps9e0ee77e.jpg
Pre dinner snack.
 photo PKa6S96-mbSjP6K1LUpG1PfkLgR1o-1SXTcUNAYRL3Y_zpsa63f7398.jpg
My order, dun wan to have usual salad. So I got cheesy mushroom spagetti!
 photo ZvLRb2qzR6t9zSRXlrf3ys1REjAU4TYxieel2KKGfas_zps4f9de55e.jpg
mushroom baked rice, can never go wrong I guess

And how can you skip desserts after dinner? HAHA. Tom’s palette is the bomb! My fav icecream now, I’m gonna try every flavour and blog about it!

 photo ig6smIT0MOm-KF5NF01PlEbZ-M1dcgdvth3woDBJ0Qs_zps1a9cee90.jpg
apple berry crumble & yuzu?