Swimming and People Park Hakka Yong Tau Fu

I’m trying very hard to be active nowadays!

I swim after work on fridays and sometimes, wednesday. I love it, love how swimming made me relaxed and how I can spend extra time with my bf. ehehhee.

After swimming we can have good food too! I realised there is this really good Yong tau foo near Jalan Besar swimming complex! It’s so good that I can’t stop craving for it! It’s quite pricey for Yong tau foo though but who wouldn’t pay more for good food?

 photo 7bfGrwQ_dSYm2YiuRcbNzIc5HZX8tx-_JyhQy385NHY_zps1a53b254.jpg
Try it and let me know. 🙂

 photo IMG_20130614_202705_zps9e53147e.jpg

290 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208953

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