Dun take things for granted

Dun take things for granted, dun take things for granted has been honking at me lately. Maybe I’ve read too much emo books recently that I’m having such thoughts. hahaha!

I haven been updating about my wedding plans and planning stages because we are stopping somewhere now, because of my braces, we have to delayed the wedding. I really wonder when will my teeth be ready because it’s hitting a year and there are still huge gaps. I can’t wait to see a nice smile on my face!!!

I’ve also got 2 products to review and I can’t go it at home because I’ve got internet connection problems and I’ve been busy with work so I don’t really have time to blog tooo. AHHH one word, sian…….

Hope fully I can blog about the products sooon!

Don’t take things for granted. Don’t take time for granted. I dun have forever in this lifetime.

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