Pique Nique

Before I go on about the dinner with my gf, let me share my week in a glance first. hehe.


 photo IMG_20130319_160745_zps5d89ed36.jpg

Dinner, Teochew Lor Mee near my workplace, and damned! I should get the actual address! lol next time la 😛

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 photo IMG_20130319_191218_zps5fb31905.jpg

And here comes PIQUE NIQUE!
Dinner time wasnt so crowded @ Taka, but we were seated facing the entrance which was quite sian. :/ The cookies were cute but I feel that the cupcakes are quite overpriced.

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This is what I order with Hz, Simon was here for tea as well! LOL, for awhile.

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The caesar salad was way too salty. :/

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She’s also my soulmate. 🙂