Wedding preparation. (Phase 1)

Is this topic interesting? I dun even know, I just want to share what I’m doing or rather what we’re doing now. For those who care and others who not. I’m not particular excited because I usually only love the outcome and not the planning stage, EVEN THOUGH I’m a planner.

So just a few things to note before I go on, we want a casual wedding, we want a fun wedding, we want a more to D-I-Y wedding (because we like to DIY), we want a outdoor wedding. So meaning this will not be your usual banquet dinner.

So pardon me with the minimal diet posts now, because I’m so busy with wedding planning!!

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Outdoor wedding is not easy, there are a lot of factors that we have to look into. And our top concern is the weather, I don’t want to be drenched in my wedding gown nor do I want my make up to be smudged under the hot sun. And of cos I wouldn’t want my bridesmaids to suffer!

We went to fort canning and botanic gardens the first few times and we thought it’s not such a good place afterall because we would need an air-conditioned location eventually. And you know la to get wedded in a year ++ time, we have to work around our budget.

Actually I shouldn’t say ‘WE’ because most of the planning is done by him, shocking right? Bride is supposed to be the planner but no the groom is more ON now. But dun be mistaken, we are sharing the wedding costs of course. The reason why I’m so dumb in planning at this early stage because I suck at visualizing, I need a confirmed venue to drive ideas.

After going through various forums, I emailed Shangri la, Sentosa Resort and Spa and many Other Sentosa related areas. Their venues are really pretty, but it’s not very accessible and it’s very expensive!

Let me tell you why I dun want to spend so much money on wedding, I know 80% of women look forward to wedding, want it to be grand to be beautiful and so onnnn…. but I rather spend that much of money on my flat which would be coming soon. Having my own place has always been my dream as compared to a wedding.

I do hope along the way, I would get more excited because no matter what I am still the bride of this wedding and everybody is going to look at me in my gown. LOL!

So anyway we decided to cross out Sentosa.


The first venue that we really went down and talked to was ‘Beach Culture’ @ Pasir Ris.
Saw some solemnization and wedding photos on their facebook and was kind of amazed that they are able to hold a wedding event there! So the 2 of us went down on this day to eat, take photos and talk to the kind lady.

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The reason why I blogged about this is because I got sick and tired of researching about wedding venue costs, so maybe if you are interested in casual and crazy wedding in a outdoor setting, then you will be able to get a rough cost here.

The venue itself is about estimate $8k++, food is included if I’m not wrong, well, you can always ask, the food is good ok! I tried their beef nachos and I nearly died.

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Beach culture can fit up to 150pax I think, cos what I quote to them was 100-150pax.

There’s an open area outside their restaurant facing the sea, which can be used for solemnization, and this area is about $300-500 to be paid to Nparks, damn my memory sucks! But no matter what you can ask them haha..

>>>>> Beach Culture FB This is their facebook page, and you might want to take a look if you’re interested. (:


At this stage today dated 5th April 2013, and Happy Birthday Weiling!

I’ve settled on the wedding venue which will be remained as a secret until the actual day.

And now I’m looking into the different vendors that we can work with, first meetup was with ‘Butterflies & Cakes’, I loved their garden wedding themes and vintage props! They are reputable, and reputable comes with a cost, hahaha. If only I can get sponsored!!

And I also talk to ‘Cremeberry’ for the desserts setup, come to think of it, I really suck at thinking how I want my decoration to be LOL!

For now, what’s confirmed is that, the venue, we will DIY our wedding invitation cards, we will DIY s0me of our pre-wedding shoot which we are already doing, and our wedding montage and some of the interior decor as well. All this DIY processes I will definitely blog about it because they are HARDWORK!

and next what I’m going to do is to think of more interesting ideas for the guests, to LOSE WEIGHT & to work within our budget!

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Till the next post. 🙂

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  1. Hi I would urge yoi dont hire butterflies n cakes! They are the worst vendor you would want to work with. Have personal contact w the team before. They are not only unscrupulous, their products are sloppy, they ill treat their staff, and they over charge. :/ just a two cents worth of my opinion for your kind consideration.

    1. wow thank you for this! I think they are actually very pricey! I only talked to them once and im still sourcing vendors! who did you hire??

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