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Although I’m super proud of my achievements (of losing 40kgs), there are many downsides of it. One of it is my BOOBS!

Although I’m affected by my cup size, one even more important factor is the firmness of my breast!

Aging and weight loss all leads to SAGGING! and yes although I’m only 23, I’m already experiencing this because of my 40kgs of weight loss! Breasts are super important to us, they are our assets, to me, I actually think small is okay, but sagging is definitely not okay!

But of cos, who wouldn’t want a bigger and perkier bustline?? This helps us to look good in tubes, tank tops, low cut dresses AND EVEN WEDDING GOWNS without paddings!

I thought of doing breast fillers and plastic surgery, but they are so risky and expensive! Fillers are super expensive and they only last, what? 1-2years? I can’t imagine forking out 8-10k every 1-2years! Also plastic surgery are super dangerous, the post op care are already enough to kill me. 🙂

I tried supplements before and it doesn’t work on me, I even had a bad breakout! I massaged before but I am too lazy to sustain it. I tried various products before but it doesn’t work too!

and when I received a call to go for a review at TOKYO BUST EXPRESS, you don’t know how excited I am! :D:D:D They used a combination of machine + massage with natural ingredients (which I will explain later) that are safe and beneficial, further more it is non-invasive so it’s completely safe! Don’t need to worry about scars and blood!

My first experience was on friday, and the outlet that I went to was the one at City Square!

envy lehhhhh

The moment I stepped in I thought to myself, I must have that cleavage, LOL ok just kidding!

While waiting for my consultation to begin, my specialist, Angel offered me flowers and tea! 🙂 so sweet.


We had a short chat before I had a personal consultation with Angel (the specialist).

Angel is super cute hahha, she speaks very fast and she kept worrying if I can catch up. LOL I believe if she is so fluent in what she’s saying she must be good at it. 🙂

Below are the photos that she showed me.


the inner pale color part is the mammary gland which is targeted for enhancement!

Before she examined my breasts, she went into details about the different ingredients that Tokyo Bust Express uses.

There are 5 ingredients that they used, which are Fenugreek Seed Extract, Mexican Wildyam Root, Hops Flower, Danggui and Pueraria Mirifica. They work hand in hand to help us upsize and firm our boobies!

Fenugreek Seed Extract: This is usually found in curry so it sort of explains why Indians are so busty? I really envy them lor! Fenugreek also prevent breast cancer and helps in enhancement and firming.

Mexican Wildyam Root: It works with the other ingredients to achieve the desired effect but this is suitable for all skin! I have super sensitive skin so it’s good for me!

Hopsflower: Works with other ingredients to achieve the desired effect as well. 😀

Danggui: Other than bust, it also helps to regulate our menses!

and lastly the ever so popular Pueraria Mirifica, if you research about breast enhancement before you will definitely know this term! There are many types of Pueraria Mirifica and of cos Tokyo Bust Express uses the top grade, it helps to prevent cancer as well and also keeping our skin smooth and supple, other than enhancing and firming our boobies!


After going through all this ingredients, I’m already getting excited! So next she analyzed my boobs, take measurement and came up with a personalized treatment for me!

And this is how my treatments goes!

1st: Scrub massage for firming

2nd: TT padded machine and the use of bust up essence for toning

3rd: Bust up therapy (massage) with the use of phyto-solution for enhancement

lastly: Suction therapy (machine) with the use of Daizu gel for firming up bustline

Maximum Enjoyment!

They bring me to the room and it was so beautiful! I think I’m a sucker for pretty things.

VIP room – super love the petals!
do you call this a kimono? haha.

Measurement was taken again before the treatment! (i’ll show the photo later)


After a whole day at work, I felt super elated to receive such good hospitality from them, and looking at the room and the petals it makes me feel super happy even though I have to go home late! The massage is the best part whereby I’m really enjoying and nearly sleeping if not for whatsapping and instagramming my happiness! LOL.

Angel even bought me waffle cos she’s worried that I might be hungry!

Good ambience, good customer service, what about my busts? Are they satisfied?

Look at the measurement I took before the treatment! B for before and A for after!!! (that’s my nipple position FYI)


It’s super effective and instant lah! Angel told me the effect would last for a few days if I only do 1 time!

But if I do 3-5times, the result is like almost permanent! And of cos the more the better!!!

Thank you Angel for giving my boobs a lift!!



Do you want to witness this change yourself? Having perkier breasts and Bigger boobs?

You just need to answer this question at the following link and ALL ENTRIES will receive –

  • Personalized bust analysis!
  • 3complimentary 3D bust-max treatments!
  • Kou You Volume Essence!
  • Lucky Dip with free treatments/shopping vouchers from Takashimaya, La Senza and more!!


It’s a super easy question so I dun see how you can answer it wrongly!!

Q: Select one natural ingredient Tokyo Bust Express uses for its treatments?

a) Payaya

b) Pueraria mirifica

c) Banana

d) Coconut


To answer this, you can either

1. Leave details at link (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dF8tcm95bU1CUXlxMUhsUUEzNG5wckE6MA)

2. SMS CTokyo_FullName_NRIC_Answer to 85330226

3. Call 6262 6161

**Terms and Conditions to apply:

– Females above 18yrs old only.

– Strictly by appointment only.

– Promotion valid for 2months.

– While stocks last for Intensive Bust Enhancement Serum.

You can visit their website to know more about their treatments and history. http://www.tokyobustexpress.com/index.html

and like their facebook! Tokyo Bust Express fb!

Their outlets all very centralised so you don’t need to worry about it being far!


This is where their located at:

City Sq Mall180 Kitchener Road #B2-39 Singapore 208539

Park Mall9 Penang Road #11-06 Singapore 238459

Nex Mall23 Serangoon Central, #03-32 Singapore 556083

Novena Sq 210 Sinaran Drive #B10111 Singapore 307506

Do try out the treatment and witness the change yourself, you are at a win-win situation!! LETS WORK TOWARDS BEING BUSTY!!

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