[REVIEW] Laser White Face Therapy @ PRIVE!

Hooray! Remember I mentioned that I went to Prive for a face therapy?
It’s call Laser White Face Therapy facial.

Laser White Facial is suitable for everyone, all ages, including MEN! Not solely for whitening but also aids in the lessening of wrinkles. too good to be true? lets hear my experience 🙂

The potent lightening ingredient actively work in synergy via a 5-step system to lighten stubborn pigmentation, brown spots and acne scar marks.

The heart of this ingredient is Alpha-Litamin, a Nobel Prize discovery that has 100 times stronger antioxidant activity than Vitamin C. It also accelerate epidermal turnover of skin that makes a 360 degrees whitening approach to a well-rounded, comprehensive system to fairer and brighter skin.!

Before the facial, I had a short chat with Dr Janice. She explained to me how’s this face therapy is like and she was rather shocked when I told her that it’s my first facial in my 22 years!


and there’s Margie here whose so professional in her work, making sure that my face is in good condition to receive this therapy. 🙂


Before going into the actual procedure, she even did a short massage for me. so shiok can!

i think she know im quite nervous, well its my first time mah! haha. and i really did feel relax & calm afterwards.


okay now we can go on to the 5different steps..


– helps to exfoliate the top layer of the skin, which also remove pigmentation. you may experienced bite feeling on your face but in my opinion, it’s still close to painless.

Margie makes sure that my face is properly cleansed haha. she cleansed about 2-3times?

She’s so gentle! I’m so rough when come to squeezing the zits on my face!


Step 2: Alpha-Litamin Vitamin C Powder and brightening complex

– lessen pigmentation, prevent age spots, regulates skin tone.


Step 3: Neuroessence

– very soluble on the face which melt almost instantly! It helps to calm our skin, rebalance the tone and hydrate~

Step 4: First Layer Lumi Enzyme Mask which is in powder form.

Designed to penetrate deep into skin to lighten and balance skin tone for highly refined, delicate skin.


Last step: Second Layer White Cream Mousse Mask


Mousse Mask is very good as it seals every product that had been applied earlier! SEALED ALL THE NUTRIENTS! It’s colder then the normal mask which helps to close pores! And this is my favourite step! I super love cold thing on my face!!! hehehe. So I was enjoying the cold mask!

Watch the video, there’s a tip there 😛

After the face therapy, Dr Janice talked to me again and asked how was it. Needless to say, it was fantastic! A very good experience! When I looked at the mirror after the therapy, I really noticed a instant bright up on my face! Really thanks Prive for giving me this chance 😀 it’s like a luxury to me!

Whitening checked!
Pigmentation improved!
Looks younger :D:D

This therapy last about 3-4weeks, and you can do it on a mthly basis~ have a try! I dont know how you will rate it but for me i definitely love it! 🙂

Lastly before I end, always remember to slap on sunblock! MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE AND MOISTURIZE!!!

here is the link to my video, i look ugly because of my teeth! AHHH!


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