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I thought your question would also help those that are interested to know, so i decided to blog it instead πŸ˜€

Q: healthy diet and exercises is all what we need to do. Am I right?

A: yup. you’re right, healthy diet and exercises is all you need to do.. but remember 30% exercise 70% diet. you won’t lose weight even if you’re exercising alot but at the same time still eating alot.

Q: What exercises do you recommend?

A: other than brisk walking, dancing, if you don’t know, you can go youtube learn!! it’s free and convenient! πŸ™‚ hulahoop yes, helps to slim the waist, i used to hulahoop for about 1hr or more a day.
For toning wise, you can do strength training, yoga and pilates is good also! you can also learn from youtube!!!

Q: Do you normally prepare your own healthy meal or you dine out? If you do prepare, what do you normally prepare?

A: I do, sometimes. Toast wholemeal sandwich, wholemeal pasta with tomato sauce and mushrooms, baked fish, baked eggs, this are some of the examples. Try to bake and boil instead of fry, and eat more wholemeal! πŸ™‚

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