Cosmetics review: Cyber colors eyeshadow and canmake eyebrow pencil

I always stick to brown and black as they are ‘safe’ colors, but I start to get sian of it, and decided to try other colors. So the first on my list was green and yellow!

Pretty casing but i think it’s costly
One thing i love about it, got eye shadow base, so it will last longer!

Next eye brow pencil, i have been using maybelline’s for years, it’s awesome but the brown is too dark. So i decided to get this from canmake.

It can fill up the space of my eyebrow, BUT it’s wayyy toooo light!!!!!
I’ve got one eyebrow mascara from KATE as well but when i applied, it doesnt look very define.

What brand of eyebrow pencil you all use? 🙂 intro me!

I will be away for this week because i need to mug for my exams. Will come back again, bye! <3