First let me update about what happened last night, it was only when I reached Hougang then Be realised that he hasn’t been carrying my laptop! OMG I tell you I’m so shocked that I kept quiet all the way until the staff from macdonald finally picked up the call after BE call them up! And I was god hell lucky enough that one of their staff picked my laptop up! GOSH thank u man! what a saviour! <3<3

cinnamon melts! the first few bites were fantabulous but not the last, because it was too buttery. :

and i got my first miniature coffee! weeeeee ^^ its super cute right i know!

And today!

I went shopping at bugis and orchard!
let me show you what I got!

pardon the bra lah.. :X

this is given by pinky to me! <3

and some group photos for the day………………………… :DD


super like this, becos its super candid!

ziying, jinmei, xiulong

And for our dinner will be!
zha jiang la mien, (which is ban mian) the fuzhou fishball and the wanton look alike is given by be. mine is only with noodles.

gan lao la mian (ban mian)

this ban mian is at 5th floor at far east plaza, luckily i called joy to confirm the location HAHA. it is actually opposite a real ban mian stall. i forgot the name already, next time i go i will blog about it.

Rating: 4/5
food super tasty but quite hot inside. haha!

it was a fruitful day although I was feeling sick. bebe came later and huizhen went off early. thanks be for the shoes and top up for the top! tehe ^^ and also thanks pinky so much for giving me the dress because i wanted to buy it with her initially but there’s only 1 piece. and after that she dont like it already and she give it to me for free. wow damn sweet! <3

note: i really like editor’s market clothings! i wanna go back!

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