It’s gonna be a very random post for now. Look at the timing and im actually awake, reason because my nose was terribly stucked, oh well. haiz. My immune system weakened ever since i started drinking lesser water. πŸ™

anyway, few days before I was actually having this chocolate cravings.
And i happened to spot one at home, (picture above)
I’ve never seen this chocolate before but was attracted to it, because it was almond and the box is BIG! and so happily i went, OPENING IT!


i showed it to my ahma instantly, and both of us literally laugh out loud. I mean why make the effort to produce such a big packaging box and the actual product was actually so small? wth! and its not very nice either, omg.

I guess the next post im going to blog about is HOW TO DEAL WITH AN ABUSIVE BOYFRIEND? should i?

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