dish 2

you know why im so proud of myself? cos im a lazy person i wouldnt want to cook if there’s bread, jam, whatever and whatever. but one thing for sure is that whenever i cook a dish, and it turns out to be good i feel so happy! its like a STRESS RELIEVER!

today due to stress, i woke up at 6plus, nua until now 7plus.
as usual i should be eating bread and jam BUT i decided to cook something easy.

ingredients : egg whites and tomatoes
the initial recipe should be eggwhites and spinach if im not wrong, but i only got tomatoes and i wanted to finish it by this week. so i used tomatoes instead (;
easy la.
use olive oil! a little bit will do, throw in the tomatoes (half), chopped.
den pour in 3eggwhites. EGGWHITES if you want protein and not cholesterol. can u imagine throwing in 3eggyolks? >< salt and pepper to taste
stir around and you’re done! eat it with bread and its fucking nice!

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