people whined when they are eating the same food from the same canteen, or even from the same school compound, even me! because the varieties are always the same, the most common ones will be banmian, mixed vegetables rice, the same old noodles and rice dishes, malay food so on and so forth..

BUT when you’re at home, what have you got to eat? For me, i think its even worse, especially in the noon. when you are born in a family who can eat almost anything for their 3meals of the day, including biscuits and tea, you know you have a hard time waiting for lunch. i cant have tuna sandwich anymore cos i promised myself not to eat the same things everyday because, eventually it wont be good la. Mmm, so what should i eat for lunch today?

the dish! before i mixed them together
ingredients, simple as it is, tomatoes and mushroomies!

yay man! self create tomato and mushroom soup, ok la initially i wanted to make some dressing for my pasta. cos i dun want to eat those cheesy pasta, i just wanted mine to be light and EDIBLE. yes EDIBLE is the keyword, so at the risk of throwing all the stuffs and eating what my ahma cooked, i started slicing the tomatoes and the mushrooms.

organic pasta fusilli – 1cup
2tomatoes, sliced, not too small, cube it if you want
8small mushrooms, sliced or cube it, also not too small
(at the same time im boiling my pasta, i love it when it ‘spring’! not literally la LOL! remember to rinse it with cold water, i dono why but definitely it taste better)

put the tomatoes into the pan, with water, slightly covered them but not totally
den add in the mushrooms, sprinkle salt and sugar, taste it while u sprinkle, so u will know how it taste like, you wouldnt want it to be too salty or sweet right, anyway a bit of sugar will do, and i did not put in a lot of salt ^^
to my surprise, it tasted good! i tot it would taste weird, but it didnt. hehe. and its ultra healthy!
it’s low in fat and calories πŸ™‚

ive put half of it in my fridge maybe for tomorrow? ;p
point to note: ITS DEFINITELY NOT FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE HEAVY TASTE FOOD. on diet? want to be healthy? nah u can try! πŸ˜€

i will be coming up with more of these, OMG I LOVE IT ITS SO FUN!
i gonna come up with tasty dish with disgusting ingredients, must be creative!