lunch idea 2

Eating my apple while typing. haha my idea of mushroom with soyabean invited alot of disagreements yesterday! SO i decided to cook it today for lunch! *yes i finished the tomato soup yesterday, smirk*

u know i thought tdy’s gonna be a flop cos i just dun see any yumminess in this dish when i envisaged.. but hack lahh, if you dont try u wont know right?

So the first thing i thought of was butter! so that it will be more creamyyy.

melting the butter in the pan
den add in water and mushrooms (chopped),
boil, and pour in nutrisoy!
the water level should be just nice to cover the mushrooms, because in the end i add too much water and need to make the taste right again -.-
add salt, to your level of saltiness! pepper if desired. i think it’d taste better if herbs were included as well.
note – u can add in more butter if you like it butteryy

totally a protein boost because of soyabean milk and mushrooms, but the butter is abit unhealthy, that was okay because i didnt down the whole soup base! and soyabean is a healthier alternative as compared to pure milk. im satisfied πŸ™‚

damn the picture, wtf ;p
i will be venturing new dish on monday again!

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