[S-series] Why you should visit Japan during Autumn.

Hi guys,

Living in Singapore, our tropical climate island country, our seasons are either ‘hot and humid’ or ‘hot and wet’. When there is no rain, the relentless sun beating down on our heads and sweat drenched armpits are seen everywhere. When there is rain, the temperatures cools down slightly, but its still hot, so we sweat under our umbrellas.

This is exactly why, a lot of us Singaporeans go to cooler climates when we’re shopping for a holiday destination. I know different people has different preferences, some love autumn, some winter and some spring. But personally I love autumn because of the following reasons:

Perth with my parents, visiting my aunt


Spring is allergy season, and thus Autumn is the season to be free. Free to explore, hike till your legs break and still don’t break a sweat. Free to wear a light jacket with many pockets! Which is one of my favourite thing to have during a hike, so I can have all my stuff within reach all the time! Free to do many things that will be too hot to do in summer and too cold in winter.


Autumn Foliage

I love autumn mainly because of the autumn foliage. The rows of golden ginko leaves, the crimson maple leaves, I just love it! Crisp cool air and clear skies, the sun washed the land with its golden rays. I’m in paradise.

Okunoin at Mt Koya


Most of the leaves were blown away by the recent typhoon, that’s why it’s the trees were less impressive this year.

Environment – No hay fever to worry about!

The last time I went to Melbourne during its spring season, I gradually lose my ability to breathe through my nose by day 3, and had to rely on antihistamines, nearly had to see a doctor overseas…


Although spring is beautiful with its cool weather and many flowers blooming, I’ll have to deal with pollen allergies. Autumn on the other hand, also offers cool weather and colourful leaves but minus the concentration of pollens in the air.

Here’s a list of my reccomended place to visit during Autumn:

  1. Nikko, Tochigi, Japan
  2. Hakone, Kanagawa, Japan
  3. Kyoto, Japan
  4. Osaka, Japan
  5. Alishan, Taiwan
  6. Melbourne, Australia
  7. Seoul, South Korea
  8. Jiufen, Taiwan

So after going to those places I’ve been to, mostly during autumn season, the no.1 autumn destination in my opinion is always Japan.

I’ve been to Nikko, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Hakone, and the one place that always tugs on my heart string is Nikko in its autumn colours. The whole mountainous town, awashed in different shades of crimson. The walk through the Kanmangafuchi Abyss, lined with a long roll of jizo statues watching over you as you pass. Walking around Chuzenji lake in with the sunlight dancing off the surface of the lake. Words cannot describe how I feel during my time there, and there are still many more places to discover in that little town in the mountains!

I’ve got half the list from Japan, because being in the Japanese Autumn, it just adds another magical veil to the beautiful place where nature is celebrated and respected.


I’m looking forward to my next hike in Japan, I am still searching for that secret garden that may one day, surpass Nikko in my heart. Till that day comes, Nikko will always have a special place in my heart, those times I spent with my ex-girlfriend then (now my wife, of course), I will always cherish it. Its my magic.


– Simon Tey

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